Nikon raised price on D7200 and D750 (Expiration of Holiday Rebates)

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by BeBu Lamar, Dec 31, 2017.

  1. This morning I found that Nikon has raised the price of the D7200 back to $1000 and the D750 back to $1800.
  2. I was thinking of a new D7200 for a birthday present, but will just have to wait----a price increase just can't be justified to me at this time. My D7000 still works just fine.
  3. There may or may not be another discount or cashback in March.
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    The D750 and D7200 are fairly old bodies. There are plenty of used or refurbished units available.
  5. So true. The market is flooded with perfectly fine used gear. Why buy new when "hardly used" is readily available. Yes, having the newest shiny gadget with all the latest bells and whistles is nice, but for the price of one new, one could buy two used.
  6. I don't want either the D7200 or D750 but if I do I would have bought them during the sales. I would prefer that to a used one.
  7. The rumour sites were warning that Nikon discounts were about to expire - not that those helps me much anyway in the UK. I did check for deals on the D850, but, unsurprisingly, nothing - still £3500-ish from reputable dealers, and about £4000 (for some reason) from Amazon. Which is a good thing, because the fiscally sensible thing for me is to wait a bit.
  8. I'm still waiting for a decent rebate on the 70-200 f/4 lens.
  9. D850 £2780 new, but grey...! That's one heck of a difference.
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  10. Hmm. I'd still want to trade in, sadly; I'm not sure all sources would do that. (Besides, must resist NAS...)

    The good news is that I believe it's illegal in the EU to have region-based differences, and therefore Nikon UK would have to service grey market items, unlike Nikon US. At least, so the corporate training I've been given says (and for so long as the UK doesn't change that law after Brexit...) They've at least checked out my 14-24, which was bought in the US.
  11. With the demand on the D850 still very strong here (most stores are near constantly out of stock), I don't see prices drop awfully soon for that model. But, it has driven the price of the D810 down to a very nice level, so over here that is currently the nicest bargain. Or so I tell myself, since I jumped on it :)
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  12. You can go to the US and buy your D850 Andrew!
  13. If you buy a camera or lens in the US and if it is not gray market there, it doesn’t become gray market when you go back to UK or another country. As long as you have the original paperwork it should be fine to service it anywhere.

    The D850’s price is unlikely to fall until it is widely in stock and has practically stopped selling at its current price. I would guess holiday sales in 2018 would be the first time we may get a reduced price for the D850.

    Personally I got the D850 and to be honest I have some (admittedly minor) misgivings. The grip is narrow and deep and while it is good as a carrying handle but when shooting I prefer the wider and shallower grips. Also the sound reminds me of the D750, I believe the materials and design of the chassis changed it. I prefer the D810’s softer and quieter sound. However when it comes to the effect of shutter vibration on sharpness, the D850 is improved: there is a counterbalanced shutter and you can have EFCS in Q and Qc mode and it really makes a difference at intermediate shutter speeds (even when hand holding). The files are silly big. It isn’t quite as responsive or immediate as the D5. The focus shift feature (automatic focus stacking) is a lot of fun in telephoto landscape photography. Haven’t been able to purchase the vertical grip and that’s getting annoying (especially since I have read that it doesn’t have the deep and narrow grip so I would likely find it perfect). The D850 AF is marvellous and (after fine tuning as usual) 105/1,4 shots are securely in focus wide open. I suppose I could have skipped this model in hopes that the next one might again feature the broad and shallow grip. It is a little odd that they change the grip so often (D800 narrow grip, D810 wider grip, and D850 narrow and deep grip).
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    I bought my 70-200mm/f4 AF-S VR in December 2014, as part of the DSLR body-lens deal. Back then the D750 was brand new. I paid the initial $2300 price for that and $1400 for the 70-200 but got $400 off the combo.

    I don't recall seeing that kind of deal again. You can probably expect $200 off the 70-200mm/f4 alone, maybe in late February/March before the end of Nikon's fiscal year on March 31.
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    Concerning the D850, as far as I can tell, the shortage is over or almost over. I have read that the D850 is now widely in stock in Canada. A friend of mine who lives here in California was in Ohio during Christmas. He called a local camera store in Ohio, and the store managed to get him one in their next shipment a few days later.

    For anyone who wants a new D850 now in the US, the wait shouldn't be more than a few days, if you need to wait that long to begin with. Supply may vary a bit in Europe and Asia, but the shortage should be pretty much over now.

    Personally, I would still avoid getting a D850 until it drops to US$3000 with a "free" MB-D18 grip. That probably won't happen until the second half of 2018, maybe July/August and almost certainly in the holiday season, November/December 2018.
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    you go on holiday to Saigon, where you can get the D7200 for USD 740 or D750 for USD 1400
  17. The last time I was in the local camera store(mid-December) they said that their wait list was down to a 6 people and they were expecting to get more than enough(I want to say 12 or 15) later that week.

    Interestingly enough, they also have one available for rent. It was a return from one of the first ones they sold, but decided to put it in the rental rotation rather than sell it as used. As they said, it let folks get a taste of the camera even though they don't have them to sell. I'd say it's a good money maker for them too since it's $250 a weekend to rent and I've yet to actually SEE it on the rental shelf.

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