Nikon Picture Project 1.6.1 Installation Problem

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by curritch, Dec 8, 2006.

  1. I downloaded the Picture Project 1.6.1 installation Zip file ( from
    the Nikon website.

    I can unzip the file OK but when I click on Welcome.exe, which is what Nikon
    says to do) I get a window with a red X and an OK button. When I click on the
    OK button the window disappears and nothing happens.

    I downloaded the file a second time, thinking it might have been screwed up,
    with same result.

    I don't know that I need V1.6.1 with my D50 but would like to have the latest

    Any inputs will be appreciated.
  2. Did your D50 come with Picture Project? If so, install that and then select "Check for updates..." from the Help menu. that will download and install the latest for you. That's what I did when I got my D200 earlier this week. Now I have 1.6.4.

    I don't even know whether it's worth using. I have PS CS2 and Picasa2, and I can't find anywhere in Picture Project to see a RGB Histogram of my pictures.
  3. Dean. The D50 came bundled with with PP 1.5.

    I think that I have tried every way to upgrade to PP 1.6.1. With no success.

    But it is no great loss. PP is a very marginal application. It's only attribute of interest is to open raw files. But Adobe Elements does that also so I guess I will throw PP in the trash bin. So be it.
  4. Curtis, this is a blessing in disguise. You do not want to use Picture Project. It has serious limitations and it's not ready for prime-time.

    You'll find that after investing many manhours over the years building a catalog with many collections, that all that information is lost when you upgrade computers. Sure you can copy the photos themselves, but PP 1.6.1 provides no way to reassociate your catalog with the new file locations. PP is worthless without this very basic function.
  5. I also have been having problems installing Nikon Picture Project.

    I recently bought a digital Nikon camera, and I have been unable to install the PictureProject software. I got a CD that came with the camera, and that appears as blank on my computer. When I go to the DVD/CD disk drive on "My Computer" nothing shows up. When I install the CD, the drive sounds like it is trying to load the CD over and over, but nothing happens, and the drive eventually stops. However, when I put in other CDs or the manual CD software that also came with the camera, everything shows up and works fine. So, I know it is not the drive. I have had numerous phone calls and emails to Nikon, spending many hours on the phone with them over the past couple of weeks, and they can't solve it. I did many downloads of the software from their site, and each time I come up with the same error message over and over. The download is fine, the file extraction is fine, the installation is fine right up to the exact end when I get this same error message. The error message is "Unhandled Exception, Error #OX80040706, Description: Object reference is not set. Setup will now terminate." I hit OK, and everything stops. When one of the techs had me enter that error message into google, it comes up as an error message for InstallShield. I/we have reinstalled InstallShield several times, but the same error message keeps coming up. At this point Nikon won't respond to my emails. I called the camera company where I bought the camera, and they sent me a new CD with the software, but the same thing happens. The drive acts like it is trying to install the CD, but just repeats over and over and then stops.

    The computer is a Presario 900 laptop running the most current XP. The software says 2002, but I get automatic updates regularly. I have never had any problems installing or running any software or downloads on this thing at all. It has been perfect. Nikon has been trying to tell me that there is something wrong with my computer, but I told them that does not make sense since I have only had this problem with their software.

    One person said the PictureProject is not necessary to view my pictures. This is my first digital camera coming from a lifetime of 35 mm film. One person said that you can use Adobe Elements. Is that Adobe Photoshop Elements? I don't have that software yet, but I have taken some local classes in it, and I am familar with it. Can Photoshop Elements be used to view my pictures in place of PictureProject?

    A techie friend referred me to this website when I told her about my problems.

    At this point I have an $800.00 paperweight. I would appreciate any assistance possible. Thank you very much.

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