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  1. My black FM and AI 35/2.0 were about USD200 each. (plus tax)
  2. DM vs USD were about a factor of 2 back in 1979. I might misremember the cost of the FM - maybe it was closer to DM 450. I purchased the 105/2.5 Ai with it and the 35/2.8 Ai and 200/4 Ai later.
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  3. It is US tradition to give prices without tax, but then they add the tax on when you buy things.
    It looks like the tax was 5% at the time. The supposed reason is that each state has their own tax,
    but the real reason is that it makes prices look lower, so people buy more.
  4. Didn’t matter. Only pretentious amateurs used F’s without motor drives back then.
    Today, those of us using Nikon F use them as an excuse for a manicure.
    Anyway, a perfect F sounds much better than perfect F2. That’s what’s matters!
  5. Did Nikon ever make the 'right' motor drive?

    I bought an MD for the F2. It was a heavy and pernickity thing that ate batteries and jammed itself and the camera solid if you looked at it wrong. A high price to pay for finger and thumb comfort, and not needed with the ergonomically designed F2. So I sold the motor drive after putting about 5 films through it.

    Hindsight is a great thing, and we can appreciate how much better (some) cameras got as they evolved over time. So why use a model-T Ford for your daily drive when there are cars that are much faster, more comfortable, reliable and economical to run?
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  6. Anyone else have photos of their Nikon Photomic cameras?
  7. Sandy Vongries

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    A casual snap with three of the four zooms available back in the day. The 200-600 was just too expensive.
    DSC_8979 (1000x563).jpg

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