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  1. Here is a pix of my three black Nikon F's with Photomic meters.

    Nikon Photomic.JPG
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  2. Sandy Vongries

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    Nice - looks left to right F Photomic, F Photomic Tn and F Photomic FTN, though the self timer lever on that looks like the one on the F2. The only one I never had is the F Photomic. Great cameras all. I still have them and a couple later models as well. Good fun!
  3. I'll see your Photomic Fs with a brace of F2As and a Spotmatic F - the meters in all of which can take a currently available battery. (The Spotmatic meter works just fine with an alkaline 625 cell.)
    And I'll raise you a battered old Mamiya 645 1000s than can easily trounce any puny 35mm camera's image quality.
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  4. Sandy Vongries

    Sandy Vongries Administrator Staff Member

    Lets shuffle, cut and deal up to the land of the giants - F2, F3HP, F4, F5
    DSC_8249 (1000x256).jpg
  5. Nah, let us go to the original
    All original Nikon F finders
  6. Please post photos of your Photomic bodies.
  7. 1970-FTN.jpg
    1970 FTN

    ) 1972-FTN.jpg
    1972 FTN

    1972 F2

    1974 FT2




  8. Nikon FTN.jpg

    Mostly use this camera with a non metered prism but this meter does work and work well.
  9. I bought my Nikon F Photomic T in 1965 while serving in Japan in the USAF for $189.00 with a 50mm f/1.4 lens. They just came out with it and it was my first "real" camera. Unfortunately, I lost it on a NYC subway years later. Maybe one of those in the pictures is mine? :)

    Hawaii and Japan adj pts and sharpness and ICE008 edited resized 1200.jpg
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  10. You guys and your porn ! Lov'in It !
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  11. Here are a few more: Nikon F WL.JPG Nikon Photomic T.JPG Nikon Photomic.JPG
  12. Sorry, but for me Nikon didn't get it right until the F2.
    Who wants finger cramp from a release button in entirely the wrong place, and a grazed and dented thumb from a leverwind with a stupidly sharp serrated end?
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  13. Sandy Vongries

    Sandy Vongries Administrator Staff Member

    I used the Photomic F Tn and then the Photomic FTN for a lot of years without similar experiences. We are all different. I agree that the F2 was an design improvement.
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  14. I don't think I ever handled a Nikon F (in any of its many model variations) - my dream camera when I got interested in photography in the late 70s had been the F2AS - but for lack of funds I had to settle for the FM instead. When I could afford the F2AS a few years later, I opted for the F3 instead; it's now the only film SLR I still own (but no longer use).
  15. With the right motor drive, you can avoid both of those.

    My dad had borrowed a Nikon F with motor drive about 1969, which was used to take
    pictures in places where a hand couldn't reach. With the motor drive, you can trigger the
    shutter electrically. I got to use it for one weekend at the time.
  16. In the late 70's, many of my college friends were buying FMs.
    I hadn't thought I could afford a Nikon, but then found that I could.
    I don't know by now the price of the F2 at the time, though.

    But the FM did what I wanted a camera to do, until time for a D70s.
  17. IIRC, then the price in Germany in 1979 for a black FM was some DM 550; an F2AS was close to three times as much. As soon as I could, I got the MD-12 for the FM - mostly for the grip and so that I didn't have to flip out the leverwind to turn on the meter.

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