Nikon PB-6 Focusing Bellows Unit User Manual

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    duh, I just realized that you are using a FX/FF camera not a DX/crop camera.
    With the ES2 wouldn't I need to use a 35mm lens to get the full slide image with a DX camera?

    I have to go play with my bellows and the 55 micro and see what I would need to do make it work.
  2. Uh, uh. A bellows is no good for copying slides onto a DX camera. It won't 'squash' short enough for the focussing distance needed.

    What's required is either a short extension tube or a macro lens that natively covers the 1.5:1 magnification ratio. You need a 13mm tube with the 55mm micro-Nikkor. A Nikon PK-13, M tube or any 3rd party tube of around 12 or 13mm length.

    The important bit is being able to hold the slide steady and plane-parallel to the camera.

    I can use that modified ES-E28 with a DX camera just as readily. I just need to add another extension tube to it to take the slide further from the front of the lens.

    A gizmo with a telescoping tube would make the job even easier, and such things are available if you google 'em.
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