Nikon old school DX images

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  1. D70 with 18-70 kit lens

  2. South Padre Island, Texas, Sunset - Nikon D60/55-200 lens. 1/5/19. South Padre Island Sunset II
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  3. This PM, in the sunset
    D2Hs+70-200mm+TC20 _D2S3039r.jpg
  4. Iron bird this PM
    #D2Hs + 70-200mm+TC20 @400mm _D2S3044r.jpg _D2S3053r.jpg
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  5. D2Hs+14-24 _D2S3096r.jpg
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  6. Abandoned Church, Lamy, New Mexico (D70 with 18-70 kit lens)

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  7. Intriguing!
    If I were you, I'd like to reduce the shadows a little bit to see it more dramatically.
  8. D1H+70-200mm

    DSC_0521r.jpg DSC_0517in.jpg DSC_0527r.jpg DSC_0529r.jpg
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  9. Yellowstone N.P., Wyoming (D300 with 12-24 at 14mm)

  10. Nikon D300
    Sigma 28-70mm
    34mm @ f2.8
    iso 400
    My daily shave
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  11. #D2Hs

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  12. This goes back several years back. A D100, Nikon's first DSLR, I don't remember the exact lens. But, it was Nikon and a mid-range zoom 8.jpg
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