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  1. Thanks iansurita. Me too, in passion with these tiny flowers.

  2. I have a Pronea, but haven't tried it. Does that count as DX?
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  3. Practically, I've never thought Pronea still works. More than happy to see any photo from it. I've heard someone attached it with 14-24mm lens. Without any further ado, show your pictures pls.
  4. Nikon D50, still a capable camera if its a bright sunny day and you don't crop much. AF better than some newer cameras. Stokes Adobe, 50mm Nikkor.
    Monterey 18d_Stokes Adobe_Hartnell Street_2.jpg
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  5. Older D70s with newer 35mm f1.8 DX lens, taken last year. Art Gallery of Alberta

    Art Gallery-0799.jpg
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  6. Nice work Robert
  7. D1H DSC_0076r.jpg
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  8. Not my best work, but a Pronea 6i with badly expired Kodak Gold 400. These were shot and developed last fall. I went against my normal principles and had the lab scan these as I don't have a good way to scan it myself :)

    The next time I try this camera, I'm going to dial in +1 or +2 EC to compensate for the fact that the film for it isn't getting any younger.

    The first was taken with the 24-70 kit lens-an oddball screwdriver focusing lens that sticks way back into the camera and actually was Nikon's first "G" lens(even though not labeled as such). The second was with the 14-24 f/2.8.

    All AF, AF-D, AF-S, and presumably AF-I lenses are compatible with this camera with no limitations on focus or exposure, although "E" apertures will be stuck at the largest aperture and of course AF-P is out. Also, if using a VR lens, turn VR off as it won't function but will drain the batteries.


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  9. Another with my D300, 28mm iso 200 @ f5
    I am using this Nikon more and more lately and loving it.

    4 Seasons bedroom lamp
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  10. I really love the old style it produces
  11. Intriguing iansurita
  12. My error. The caption should read “4 Muses bedroom lamp” not Seasons
  13. #D300s
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  14. Single blade of grass standing out in a patch of sunlight among moss and leaves and shadows, and fence behind, in Autumn in Pennsylvania

    - Nikon D1H
    - Fotodiox M645-to-Nik;
    - Sekor C 110mm f/2.8 (M645)
    - LR6

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  15. #D2Hs
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  16. D1H+17-55mm
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  17. For me, old school DX goes back to the days of the D1/D2/D100 series of cameras... so this one here is from many years ago, shot on a Nikon D1. Printed at 16x20 and hanging in the client's office.

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  18. Swamp Grass in Blue and Green Ice #1 (D1H)

    - Nikon D1H
    - Nikkor AF-S 55-300mm f/4.5-5.6 G DX VR
    - LR 6
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