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  1. Nikon D80
    Pebble Beach 09_Equestrian_11.jpg
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  2. It wasn't (D1, D1X, D1H, plus older collaborative systems), but it's older than I can do. :) Incidentally, I notice someone has been expanding on the timeline of Nikon models on Wikipedia to include some feature coding; good effort, that someone.
  3. Well the D100 is definitely not Nikon first DSLR but you can think of it as Nikon first consumer DSLR. I bought my brand new F5 in 2002 which is a bit late for a film camera and many told me that I should buy the D100. Although now the F5 isn't worth much it's worth more than the D100.
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  4. Yes; my F5 was very much not new in about 2008, when I switched to Nikon, bought as a back-up to my D700. It's missing quite a bit of paint, but being an F5, works fine. I'd be mildly interested in collecting a D1 for its place in history, but the D100 (which is a much more practical camera) sadly falls into the "not old enough to be historical, but too old to be useful" category for me! But then, I don't even own a film Nikon older than the F5, so I'm very far from a collector.

    Anyway, just being pedantic for the sake of people randomly googling these pages. And, more importantly, nicely-timed capture!
  5. I have a D1x given to me from my brother. It has some problems though. I think I need new battery which I won't spend the money to get one. After charging it would work OK for a bit and then give me the ERR message. The image isn't very good and the sensor is dirty and I can't clean it it.
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  6. Definitely you can not clean so-called inside dirt. Same issue I've got with my D1H when stepping down to F/8 and original battery is empty after a couple of shots with virtual indication. Nothing to do with sensor but a modification with some panasonic cells makes it last for 500-600 shorts.
  7. I want to rebuild the battery pack but I can't seem to pry it open. It's NiMH so if I can pry it open without damaging the case I am sure I can find the cells that fit it.
  8. Well, I looked at some of my archive and pulled a couple from a D70s d70s reunion.jpg
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  9. And a nature Photo. This was actually enlarged to 16x20 and hangs in my living room. No pixalation. A D70s. Can you find the witch in the water? Armstrong Redwood Stream s.jpg
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  10. Don't pry open the case, remove the end cap then slice it open along the seam with a box cutter knife. The cells are 4/5 AA. I used tape to hold the case together afterwards so that it can be easily opened again the next time the cells need replacement.
  11. D300 + 20-35mm afd
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  12. Not such handy, I brought it to local battery service and had it done perfectly.
  13. #D1H+7020028
    Country road, takes me home
    To the place I belong
    ... DSC_0507r.JPG
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  14. #D2Xs

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  15. Some goats
    DSC_0591r.jpg DSC_0624r.JPG DSC_0628r.jpg DSC_0638r.JPG DSC_0641r.JPG DSC_0649r.JPG DSC_0660r.JPG
  16. #D2Hs

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  17. I seem to be using my D300 a lot lately and enjoying doing so + original 24-120mm mk1 f3.5-5.6 @iso800
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  18. Intriguing! Love the light much.
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