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  1. There is a new browsing and editing software available for download from Nikon called the Nikon NX Studio. It seems to combine elements from ViewNX-i and Capture NX-D into one program, and upon installation it removes the earlier versions of ViewNX-i. I downloaded it and tested it briefly and it seemed to work well. It seems that once edits are done, one needs to export them to make jpg or tiff files to read in other applications. One can open Photoshop as from ViewNX-i (it goes through ACR) in which case the edits are not applied or export and then open the jpg or tiff file with Photoshop in which case the edited file is opened. I found this to be easier to work with than Capture NX-D where you had to specify explicitly which directory the edited and exported file is stored in. In NX Studio, you can choose it to be stored in a specific directory or the same directory as the original image. I prefer the latter so that the different versions stay together.

    I'll be testing this software more in the coming weeks. I've always favored Nikon software for browsing as it respects the in-camera edits even in the case of NEF files, and it also can show the camera settings (autofocus points used etc.) in more detail than third-party software. However, while I was a regular user of the early Capture NX2, I never got along very well with its successor NX-D (mainly because it required storing edited and exported files in a separately named directory and it could get confused if I specified the same directory as the original). These issues seem to have been fixed now. I look forward to using NX Studio.
  2. I'm planning on getting a Z6ii in the near future, mainly for (E)VF video.

    I've never done much video editing, so will look into this.

    Nikon. Software. Free.

    Scary combo when all I've ever really used is Camera Control Pro which is/was crazy expensive and with an awful UI.

    Just curious but under System Requirements to use software....

    • 4K video playback: Core i7 3.5GHz or better recommended
    • Editing: Core i7 3.5GHz or better recommended
    • Full-HD video playback: Core i5-series or better recommended
    • Editing: Core i5-series or better recommended
    There's no Graphics Card mentioned. Is this software CPU driven only?
  3. I don't think whether the software is given for free or if a payment is required should affect the quality of the software much here. The functionality provided by the software is part of the infrastructure needed to support the cameras, and the cameras are not given for free. However, Nikon have traditionally not excelled in software quality. On the other hand, since Adobe got into a subscription service, they too have launched buggy software in some instances. One of the things I find the most annoying about Photoshop is that when cropping and rotating the image, the software initially remembers where the boundaries of the original image are and restricts the rotated crop box to that area, but in subsequent refinements to the crop, it seems to forget the original boundaries were, so it's harder to use and get the corners to stay on the original boundary. Nikon software never had this problem and the cropping tool was much easier to use. Another area where I find problems is in how the Adobe software chooses the camera profile; since a recent update, Adobe's software makes a half-hearted effort at finding out which picture control was used in the camera, but if one uses photo shooting banks, it seems to pick the profile in Bank A rather than the one in the active photo shooting bank. I wouldn't make strong generalizations about software and user interface quality based on who makes it. My perception is that Nikon software has been improving in quality in recent years.

    Anyway, so far the new program seems to work nicely.
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  4. Good to know, I'll give it a go.
  5. Thanks for that Ilkka. I'll give it a try.
    I wonder if it works in 'Sandboxie'?
    And long before that. At one time it was unwise to buy a new (standalone) version of Photoshop until at least 6 months after release - giving them time to provide patches that prevented the freezes and crashes caused by some combination of edits.
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    Ilkka, thanks for posting the news. This is the download link:

    Nikon | Download center | NX Studio

    I have installed it. My very preliminary impression is pretty good, but I am so used to Adobe LightRoom and PhotoShop that I'll probably continue to use those.
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  7. FWIW, I've always found the Nikon software to handle RAW files better in terms of noise reduction, than other choices. They know their sensors better than anybody and can optimize the "secret sauce" based on that knowledge. If I'm going to mess with RAW, I start there and only then, move on to other programs.
  8. Why are there no graphics card specs, I always thought video rendering was very GPU intensive?
  9. I just download and install it too and give it a try. I noticed that its overall file size is smaller than View NX-i and Capture NX-D that I have on my desktop.

    I am surprised that it will uninstall View NX-i but not capture NX-D.

    While I do not use Nikon Transfer, if you use Studio you may have to download Transfer separately. TYransfer is part of Nikon View NX-i.

    I want to make sure that Studio allows for culling images as fast as Nikon View NX-i does. One of the things I use View for is for initial culling as it is fast and deleting just requires hitting the Del key.
  10. find it very Fast on my windows machine. Mac
  11. If you want software for video editing, you might look at DiVinci Resolve (the free version)

    LINK: DaVinci Resolve 17 | Blackmagic Design

    It should do anything you want...and more. It does have a steep learning curve (think of it as the Photoshop of Video), but Black Magic provides free training modules that are, to say the least, extensive (and free). It is quite usable with just a mouse and keyboard; you do not need the extra control boards Black Magic sells - unless you are opening a production company. :)
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  12. I'm not entirely clear what your issue is here. I have a folder titled TIFFs where all my NX-D conversions go. When I want to work on the NX-D edited files in Photoshop directly I press Control+F1, and when I want to do a Photomerge in Photoshop I press "Convert file" and they are also sent to the TIFFs folder where I go from Photoshop to get them to be merged.
    How is NX-D confused?
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  13. Some will use a different ingest app and want to edit using NX-D. If Nikon removed NX-D then those users would have that workflow broken just because they wanted to explore the possibility of using NX Studio.
  14. Tony, I keep my files in separate directories based on project and date. I prefer an organization where the TIFFs are in the same directory as the NEFs, and I would like this to happen automatically (as it was with NX2, Lightroom and now NX Studio gives that option as well). When I have used NX-D, I often end up accidentally with TIFFs in another project's directory as I often work across multiple projects when I make a set of prints, and so the edited and original images are separated from each other unless I remember to manually change the TIFF directory every time I go to another project's directory. If I set NX-D to write the TIFFs in the same directory as the NEFs, the thumbnails do not always show the created files correctly. NX Studio appears to have fixed both issues.
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  15. Nikon Transfer is bundled with NX Studio so although the installer removes Nikon ViewNX-i, it does install Nikon Transfer "back".

    On my desktop computer, zooming in to check focus and selecting images for deletion is quick.
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  16. I'm glad to hear that Nikon's new software is working for you Ilkka. That makes this a moot point, but nonetheless I am surprised that selecting "Use source folder" in NX-D doesn't work:

  17. That's fine, but the reason not to remove NX-D is still relevant if you use a different ingest app. For instance, I have FastRawViewer (FRV) installed on my computer and I have it set up to open the files in NX-D, so if I installed NX Studio and it automatically removed NX-D that would break the workflow I set up for FRV.
  18. Tried it on a few images today. Seems pretty good so far, even working on 45mp files in emulation on an M1 Air.
  19. Tried it and it worked nicely. The only thing I miss so far is it doesn't have those small icons for individual adjustments. I had to keep scrolling up and down with the sidebar. I found those icons on NX-D to be very convenient: one click and I was there. Nikon should bring them over to the Studio in a update, and there is space for them already.
  20. Oh, and a dedicated Export or Convert button (I didn't see it.)

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