Nikon N80 not loading film

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by carlos_rodriguez|3, Nov 8, 2009.

  1. I just bouth from KEH a used N80. I had one in the past so I was familiar with its use. BUt this particular camera loaded one roll perfectly, but then that didnt work. I can make it load the film. I trying mobin custom setting 8 to 0 and 1, and reseting the camera using BKT and ExpComp buttons at the same time I also removed the baterries, pressed the shutter button several timas and nothing.
    I have an F100 to compare their mechanical systems, there is no apparent fracture in the little parts of the rolling cylinder. Everything seems identical to the N80, but the F100 loads the film normally. You just put the film in the right position, close the back door and press the shutter button and workds, but not in the N80
    Any ideas?
    Do I need to send it to Nikon service?
  2. It certainly sound broken to me. Call KEH and tell them the situation. They should remedy it quickly, probably by asking you to send back the camera and sending you a new one.
  3. It does rather sound as if something may be amiss, but the fact that the first roll was OK is confusing. You could try removing the batteries OVERNIGHT, then reloading them (making sure all contacts are clean) and trying again, before shipping it back. Also, maybe it is an obvious point, but have you tried fresh batteries?
  4. Just a thought, rereading your post. You haven't received it set up for multiple exposure, have you? Should be single-frame and advance (you'll know, having used one before)
  5. I bought a N80 recently from one of the main places and it arrived broken. I do not think they really check out the camera's as well as you might think. I sent it back and then wound up getting another N80 for free from a friend. The method you described to load the film is exactly the way to load it. The camera is neat and very quiet and light. The camera is also cheaply made. Just send it back to and get a different one or a refund. Nikon service would cost much more then the value of the camera. I find the N80 with a prime to be very light and easy to carry around. I enjoy it.
  6. I have an N80 and experiencing similar issue, after 4 years of usage, the role stops in the middle and won't advance, wont focus.... yes they were cheaply made

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