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  1. Nikon F60 help!

    Hi, I need your help! I recently got interested in film photography and I found my mom's old Nikon F60. It was already loaded with a half used roll of film from when she used to use it, but it needed new batteries. I bought them and installed them and from there everything seemed to work just fine. I was excited and got to shooting right away but when Itook my first picture, the viewfinder became all black and an error message appeared and the E for empty appearedon the display. from there, I don't know what to do to make it work again, I have removed the old roll and lace anew one, but the winder won't advance the film. I also don't see the film symbol on the lcd. can anyone help me?Can I fix this or does it need to be checked by a professionnal? I feel like it's the rolling mechanism that is having a hard time since it hasn't been used in over a decade...
  2. I'd suggest making sure you have it loaded correctly. Be sure the leader is all the way to the orange mark, but not too much past it. Close the back, press the shutter(most of the higher end Nikons don't load until you do this-not sure about the N60/F60) and hopefully it should load.

    Make sure your batteries are good also.

    Aside from that, if there's anything actually wrong it's probably worth just finding another rather than fixing this one.
  3. Thanks for your suggestion, I tried loading it many times and the batteries are brand new. I probably won't get this one fixed as it is pretty cheap nowdays... I'll find a new one.
  4. It sounds like a possible power problem. Check the polarity of the batteries; it is easy to insert them the wrong way (as I have proved more than once <grin>). Also check the battery contacts on the camera. The old batteries could nave corroded them.

    Since you said the viewfinder went "black", remove the lens and see if the mirror returned to position; it could be stuck. Be very careful with the mirror. It is silvered on the front and is very easy to damage.
  5. A long time ago I took a half used roll from my FE2 to finish it in an F100. A manual camera puts a severe crease in the film tab and when rewinding it caused a Err message in the F100. I removed the film in a closet but the camera still thought it was loaded and caught up. Basically the camera needed to forget what happened.

    If I remember correctly, I think I removed the batteries for a couple days and turned the power switch on/off a bit, pushed some buttons when it was "on". Similar to what you hear about with laptops acting up - remove the battery and hold the power switch for a few seconds.

    Not a very scientific suggestion for you but it may work.

    Eric Sande

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