Nikon mount Sigma 18-35mm not due for 2 more months

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by t._zenjitsuman, Aug 1, 2013.

  1. I contacted my camera dealer who I pre-ordered my Sigma 18-35mm f1.8 from and was told
    only Canon lenses came in. I emailed Sigma and was told Nikon mount versions will be made
    after Canon mounts are shipped. I was told its a two more lag behind Canon fulfillment.
    That in my opinion tells me that Sigma cares more about Canon customers than Nikon folks.
    Nikon folks who pre-ordered will be waiting until end of September.
  2. wahhhhhhhhhmbulance is on its way. just hold tight.
  3. That in my opinion tells me that Sigma cares more about Canon customers than Nikon folks.​
    No way.
    Sigma uses the Canon mount production run to make all their stuff ups - manufacturing defects and quality control errors are all tested on Canonites then Sigma can smoothly supply the people that really matter, the Nikon crowd.........!
    C'mon, all good things are worth waiting for...........
  4. Eric and Matthew, I ain't crying, I went on my 3 week vacation and got by with old Nikon
    lenses like the 20-35 f2.8 and 24-85 f2.8-4, and with no other trip planned the delay
    means little to me. Just reporting here what I found out since 2 month delay is a significant change
    change in my understanding that the product was shipping in all mounts July 31st.
    Eric, I'm holding tight, and Matthew, I hope the Canonites like you say are the testers for
    getting the bugs out before Nikon customers get the new lens. Hopefully there will
    be firmware upgrades, and Adobe will have a chance to update the lens database.
    I'm at the top of the list, and now I know the product will be thoroughly vetted
    before I get mine, that makes up a little for the extended wait.
  5. It is the same with the way 35mm f/1.4 was so hard to find in Nikon mount. Apparently they sell more lenses in Canon mount then in Nikon. That is according to the sales guy where I bought my 35mm f/1.4 from. How true it is I don't know but the same thing happening with this new lens it kind of makes it sound true.
  6. I got an email from Sigma Customer support, so its got to be their policy.
    We have been waiting for great new products from Sigma and they are giving
    us what we want.
    I read that there is a F2.0 24-70mm Sigma is going to announce at Photokina.
    I read its going to be a FF lens. Given the size and weight of the 35mm f1.4\
    a FF f2.0 zoom would be a big hand full. Not to mention pricey
  7. Oh, the seller's ultimate dream ... to create a buyer's frenzy. "Withhold product to enhance demand". They (Sigma) seem to be on the cutting edge of product development, enhancing quality control, applied technology, advertising, and 'market read'. And why not the ultimate dream of 'frenzy' to cap it off? BTW, B&H says 'expected availability' AUG 15. Not that anyone is checking the site daily.
  8. I got an email from Sigma Customer support, so its got to be their policy​
    Policy of Sigma to add fuel to a silly "Canon versus Nikon" debate? Hmmmm... some doubts there. I think they care about sales, and little else, simple as that. If they can sell more EF lenses than F lenses, they'll put priority there.
    Plus, I think you overrate the "officialness" of customer support replies. Maybe there is some other cause of delay for the Nikon version to start production, and they can't tell - they'll make up a nice story to keep customer's expectations right. Has got nothing to do with a policy, but with common sense and a reality that in any business, there is info you cannot and will not share with your customers.
    So, please let's not make this into some frenzy on prefering one brand over the other; what's the use of that anyway? All that matters is that this Sigma lens, once you have it, is going to be as good as early tests seem to show, and that you'll get excellent images with it.
  9. ShunCheung

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    I read that there is a F2.0 24-70mm Sigma is going to announce at Photokina.​
    Photokina is held every other year, in even years. The next Photokina will begin on 16th September, 2014, which is a little over a year from now.
    Whoever spreaded that rumor appears to have no idea what they are talking about.
    If there is ever a 24-70mm zoom that is f2, it'll be interesting to see how bulky and heavy it is. With such large lens elements, you pretty much have to have a strong metal frame and barrel to hold it together.
  10. This tells me that Sigma sells more Canon mount lenses that Nikon mount lenses.
    It also suggests that the first lot of production lens are beta-test units and Sigma does not want to deal with two camera systems at the same time in their final test phase. That would swamp their technical support resources, so they roll them out in sequence.
  11. B&H shows expected availability of August 15.
    That's also the date they show for lenses in Sigma mount, so I guess Sigma also doesn't care about Sigma customers. Either that or the reason for the staggered availability schedule has nothing to do with which customers they care about. Me, I'm guessing what they really care about is sales.
  12. Ironic that the lens is available in Canon mount first when a quick search of the internet indicates that most complaints about Sigma lenses are from Canon users.

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