nikon micro 60mm f2.8 D won't work with D7000

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by dave_more, Feb 12, 2014.

  1. just bought a used nikon micro 60mm f2.8 D lens on ebay. it works as it should with a nikon N80 in both auto focus and manual. it works in manual only with a D5100 which is what you would expect. with my D7000 i get a fEE Lens aperture ring is not set to minimum aperture. problem is that the lens is set and locked.

    the D7000 works fine with two other D nikon lenses i have. any ideas welcomed.
  2. ShunCheung

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    I would clean the electronic contacts around the lens mount, on both the D7000 side and the lens side. Most likely there are some electrical connectivity issue.
  3. I have a similar problem with my D7000 and Sigma 105 macro. The lens would work beautifully on D40x or D600 but not on my D7000. When I put the macro lens on, there is fEE message on any setting except on AUTO (which I prefer not to use, obviously).
    I have sent the lens in for a firmware update but it didn't solve the issue. Then I took both the body and the lens into the shop while on a trip to Atlanta (it's the closest repair shop) and they came to a conclusion that the sensors of the camera do not align with the sensors on the lens. I didn't have the time or the money at that moment to leave the lens and the camera at the shop to have the problem fixed. So I can not use my macro right now. Hopefully, you will be able to solve your issue quickly.
  4. Shun Cheung both the camera and the lens work just not together. so i'm thinking the contacts are clean.

    Oksana Andersen that sounds more likely but less easy to fix. :) any setting including auto gets the error. just remounted the lens to the D5100 shooting in manual and it was fine in both P and A modes. in A i could change the aperture and have it reflected is matching shutter speeds so i'm thinking it was communicating with that camera.
  5. Dave,
    The problem could be a slight misalignment, combined with a little dirt on the contacts. Cleaning the contacts with a Pec-Pad (which you may have or can get any good photography store) is such an easy step that it's worth trying, like checking if a toaster is plugged in before assuming it's broken.
  6. Hector lacking a Pec-Pad i just tried a Zeiss lens cloth. pre moistened no less. didn't work.
    and being an avid computer person i always check if the "cable is plugged it". thanks anyway.
  7. find another D7000 to check it on.
  8. Elliot OK
    and here i thought i was doing well to have both a N80 and D5100 beyond the D7000 :)
    to be serious i have no idea who i know that might have one. i will be seeing some other photographers sunday so one of them might. also i thought about going to the local dealer but that's 40 miles from here.
  9. Dave, another option would be to send both the lens and camera in for service so a technician can determine exactly what the issue is.
    Good luck!
  10. This is most interesting. This is not the first time I hear of this problem between this lens and a D7000. I have one that I got after the owner was convinced it was broken. It gave the FEE error when mated with a D7000. It works fine on my D700 and D2H.
  11. You could slip a single AUTO (DG) extension tube or a TC between the two squabbling teenagers and see if they can be civilized!
    If they do, it's an unfortunate alignment pairing issue 'tween just the D7000 & 60 D7000 contacts 1 degree clockwise and the 60mm 1 degree counter-clockwise and thus no chat with 2 degrees of separation.
    If they don't, it something more complicated and fundimental.
  12. Perhaps I can relate another strange experience. I bought a near mint D200 from a reputable dealer. The shutter count was around 6k.
    When it arrived through the post, entirely by chance I fitted it with a 50mm 1.8 af. Minimum stop was locked and the camera set to aperture priority. However, the screen kept flickering between data that should have been shown and fee. I put another 50mm lens on: exactly the same result. I then tried four other Nikon lenses. They all worked perfectly. I put the two 50mm lenses on my D700, an F4 and and F90x. They worked perfectly.
    I cleaned the contacts on the D200 and tried again with the 50mm lenses. Exactly the same result: flickering between data and fee.
    Obviously the dealer took the body back without any question. He had almost certainly tried a camera/lens combination before offering it for sale, and, no doubt, it worked perfectly. Apart from some strange 'fickleness' I can think of no explanation for this odd performance.
  13. thanks all,
    the extension tube didn't change anything. i'm going to try and get to the (semi) local nikon dealer this afternoon.
  14. What happens to the FEE error message, if you move the aperture index follower in the camera just additional tiny bit clockwise by hand? If this works, it indicates that there is a mechanical malfunction that is easy to correct.
  15. Kari rocking it either way does nothing. i've tried with the ring locked and un locked and can't find a sweet spot.
    time for work. later
  16. I meant the camera side. As there is a possibility that the lens aperture ring does not go far enough to tell the camera that the lens is at it's minimum aperture, even locked in position. This is just a cheap, quick and simple test.
  17. Kari i'm not getting a mental picture of what your describing. once the lens is mounted you can't do more that try twisting it tighter or just wiggling it. i've tried with the aperture locked and unlocked and nada.
    went to the local nikon store and they had just sold their last D7100 so couldn't try that. the lady i talked to looked, poked, prodded and ask the questions we have to no avail. she did find a small damaged spot i hadn't seen that might be the cause. i'll have to look into that.
  18. ok took another look at the spot the dealer pointed out and the same spot on another D lens. there is definitely missing shoulder there. the shoulder should extend past the smallest aperture and to almost past underneath the next smallest. both my other D lenses do that.
    wrote to the lady i bought it from. her pictures when she sold it show the damage and i didn't see it. so we shall see what happens now. thanks for everybody's input.
  19. So it seems the camera body did not get the information it needed. This was because there was a missing part that should have delivered the aperture ring position - set to minimum info - to the camera.
    I suggested to test this via operating the corresponding camera body part manually - by finger nail etc.
  20. Ah, that would explain why the lens worked on the other two bodies you have - they rely on only the electrical contacts (no aperture index ring).
    Could you post a photo of the broken lens aperture ring? This is the first time I've seen this come up and am curious what it looks like.
  21. Eric here are two. the one with the lenses laying down shows the damage best. the one with them upright shows the shoulder best. when i/you/we look at these it's like DUH it's broke but IRL it wasn't that noticeable. and to be honest not where i was looking for a problem. thanks Jenny at Lakeside Camera :)
    the lens on the left is a Quantaray 28-90 D with nikon mount (really dave? yes really)
  22. ShunCheung

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    Dave, thanks for the images. The coupling ridge on the aperture ring is clearly damaged.
    It should be a fairly straight-forward repair, though.
  23. Shun it probably is and there are folks that sell the aperture ring. they even provide instructions :) and before i send it to nikon i may try that.
    BUT when you see this: "Solid lens in great condition." in the listing you don't expect to have to repair it. right now the seller hasn't answered my latest email when i turned down a 10% refund. that wouldn't even cover the new aperture ring.
  24. idle info, the D90 lens mount has a small protrusion at 8:00 o'clock that senses the lens aperture ring. the 60mm D lens has a corresponding protrusion on the aperture ring. however with the D7000 they moved that to 2:00 o'clock and got rid of the one at 8. as mentioned above the lens works with the D5100's sensor which is at 8 but that camera has no body focus motor. and as you have figured out the N80 has the 8:00 o'clock sensor too.
    so is everybody on board now? there will be a quiz later.
  25. Dave, ebay has wonderful buyer protection. If the seller won't take the lens back and give you a full refund, you can make a claim with eBay.
  26. Elliot they do don't they. just filing a claim was enough for the seller to rethink their position. now the remaining question is where to ship it.
    i don't know if the seller knew it was damaged, they had been using it with a D90 and they say it worked fine. with that camera it would. while i feel sorry for them having a damaged lens that wasn't what i agreed to buy.
  27. for those keeping score at home the first (damaged) lens was returned and i bought an undamaged 60mm f2.8 D. it came today and is doing fine with both the N80 and the D7000. just like it's supposed to. more testing and playing will happen over the weekend.
    thanks again for the advice.

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