Nikon MH-16 charger (D1X): red light blinking, not charging?

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  1. Hello,
    Recently I stumbled upon a D1X for a few bucks. The batteries didn't seem to charge with the MH-16 charger: the red charging light kept blinking and never went to the green 'End' light, so -still optimistically- I went out and scored the last two EN4 batteries at my local Calumet (15 dollars a piece), thinking it was just the old batteries that had died.
    But... also with the new batteries I'm not able to charge them: the same thing happens, a blinking red charging light, even after more than 12 hours... So now I'm afraid I'm stuck with a dead charger.
    Can anybody tell me what the blinking red charging light means? I can't seem to find any info on the MH-16 on the web...
    Or does anybody know where I can buy a replacement charger (I'm in The Netherlands/Europe).
  2. I do not have MH-16 manual, but there are four leds, POWER, CHARGE, END and REFRESH. Usually POWER led is lit when plugged on, add EN-4 battery and solid CHARGE led is lit. When battery has reached it's maximum capasity the CHARGE led turns off and END led is lit. Then there is REFESH option that with good battery is slow, several hours operation, but eventually charger will move to charge and end mode.
    Even with end of life EN-4 batteries solid CHARGE led is lit, but duration might short. Blinking CHARGE led is probably chargers way of telling something is a miss, maybe a broken charger.
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    also an interesting battery conversion process on
  4. According to the manual, it would indicate a problem with the battery. Given it happens with 3 batteries, I'd check eBay to find a replacement charger to give that a try indeed; the ones I see aren't that cheap though. I also quickly checked Marktplaats (Dutch craig's list), and there is one listed there - asking for offers so probably best to try that one first.
  5. Thx Wouter!
    For some reason I missed this listing on
    Made the seller an offer and keep my fingers
    crossed now! :)
  6. I have found for really old batteries that have not been charged or used in years, more than one attempt at charging is required. Better, still, some battery chargers have a "condition" option that will discharge the battery to give it a fresh start. Then try charging again.
    On the other hand, batteries are not immortal.
    I am told that some service facilities will "rebuild" batteries with new 'stuffing'. I've not tried this nor do I know what it costs (but see ).
  7. Before finding an MH-16 for my D1H battery I bought a "Uniross Universal Charger for Camcorder Batteries" for a reasonable price, perhaps due to its being near obsolete these days. This has a main unit and various adaptors for different camcorder batteries / voltages. I was able to improvise connections to the battery contacts and not only charge it, but refresh it, too, that is, the adaptor discharges and recharges the battery to remove any memory effect - of course the MH-16 does this too - very slowly.
    You have to be careful to use the correct voltage, 7.2V if I remember correctly, and the correct polarity.
  8. On the other hand, batteries are not immortal.​
    This is of course very true, important to keep in mind - and even if the 2 batteries you bought from the store were new, sealed, packed - they're not new, produced quite some time ago and may simply have become too deeply discharged by now. So, if it was my wallet, I would never ever pay the prices I saw on eBay for the MH16 (in excess of 80 euros).
  9. Hi all,
    Just picked up a working MH-16 from Marktplaats / Craiglist (thx Wouter!) and just spent an hour or so shooting. So everything is fine now and I'm fully aware about the age-related issues with these NuMH batteries.
    I read some info about a procedure to break in new batteries and will try that. Now let's see if I can find some 1 or 2GB CF cards... It's all just for fun of course but so far I enjoy shooting with so much restrictions like battery life, number of shots, dynamic range, iso range etc. :)

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