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  1. I just got a Nikon MF 14 for my F3HP and am a little puzzled by the ISO setting which I can input on the databack. The highest ISO listed there is 400 and I am wondering what happens when I used film that is above ISO 400?
  2. AFAIK, the ISO setting on the back controls the intensity of the LEDs that imprint the data on the film. Higher ISO film, dimmer LED output. Low ISO, brighter LED output. So I suppose if you were to use a higher ISO film than 400, the LED imprint would be a little "overexposed", but given that print film handles overexposure so well, I can't imagine that it would be that big of a deal.
  3. eek! I hate date backs. Disable and be done with it. Maintain a paper/pencil log of the shots you take, if the exact date is critical.
  4. I used Neopan 1600 with my databack on my F3HP and set the led to 400 asa black and white and it was fine. I used it when my children were born to document the time and date of before, (during - only a few shots there!) and after.
  5. Thanks guys for the responses! Will try the back out when I end work. Thanks!

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