Nikon lens rebate starting Saturday?

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by gulfbeach47, Feb 14, 2013.

  1. I just saw the news or wishful thinking? Sorry if I am copying a thread already out there. I read not long ago that rebates were coming. will not let me post the link or even the title of the thread. I apologize if this is false information, but does anyone have more info on this story? You can look this up and see the story> ''A major new Nikon US rebate program will be introduced this Saturday at midnight.''

    I apologize if I broke any rules. I just want to know if it is true. I would like to know if the site that announced the info is legitimate (for future reference) Been waiting for a price drop on lens for over a year.
  2. Well if it's true, we'll know Sunday morning :)
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    We are late on Thursday. If there are rebates starting on Saturday, we should find out in less than 36 hours. I think that is soon enough. Usually camera stores are notified beforehand for such rebates, so some info might have leaked out.
    And if you realize that you are unable to post a link to a certain site, perhaps we don't (at least some of us moderators don't) welcome rumors and mis-information from those sites.
    Incidentally, the Japanese yen has been going down in the last 3 to 5 months. Therefore, we can expect more rebates or even price drops on many camera equipment, Nikon or other brands, due to exchange rate changes. This is the reverse of the major price hikes back in 2009, although the yen is not back to its 2008 level yet.
  4. Shun, I don't know much about that ''rumor'' website. I figured it was a legitimate website with a unique name. I recently ''liked'' them on Facebook, so I get their updates. Seems like some of their past rumors have come true, but I have not followed them enough to pass judgement on them. I have been thinking about upgrading my old D70 kit lens (18-70mm) with the Nikon 24-70mm f:2.8 (or another lens that would work well for family portraits, events etc..), but I have always shied away from the price, hoping for a rebate or wondering if a newer model was coming out. Still using the D300. You got any rumors? :)
  5. If Shun knew anything he couldn't say
    as long as we are talking rumors
    I notice that BH has the 300 f4 afs on backorder
    one with a rear element ,vr and a decent collar maybe with a 1.4 teleconverter bundle would be nice
    time for N to upgrade some of the bigger glass
    80-400 could use afs and a decent collar
    both released in 2000
  6. ShunCheung

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    Saturday has finally arrived. Has anybody seen new rebates? I haven't noticed anything new.
    By their nature, rumor sites are out there to spread rumors. They make little effort to verify their information, and sometimes I notice that they simply make things up to drive web traffic. Of course, there is an old saying: even a broken clock is accurate twice a day. Sometimes their information turns out to be true, sometimes partially true, sometimes not.
    There is a midnight at the beginning of Saturday and there is another one at the end of Saturday. Perhaps they are off by a day. And there will be another Saturday a week from now ....
    However, if some people base their purchase on such rumors and delay their purchase in anticipation of upcoming rebates, I am sure it would bother Nikon and the retailers a lot, especially when the rumors turn out to be false. It would also lead to disappointment on those people, but they bring that onto themselves.
  7. Luckily, I realized my virtually unused 18-70mm works pretty good and I have been enjoying it on the D7000 for a couple days.

    From what I read about that lens, it will soon start to wobble or something
    Anyway, at least I got something to occupy me for 48 hours!
  8. Dennis, Shun or whoever.... So I guess that is a fake ad that someone pasted together? When I search Deep Discounts on Nikon Lenses - B&H Photo Video I find that same link, but when I go to B&H and search for Nikon Lens Rebates I don't see any kind of ad like that.

    When was the last time that Nikon had a rebate on just its expensive lens?

    I have only seen rebates for camera/lens combos.
  9. ShunCheung

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    Dennis, interesting link. Maybe B&H is indeed getting ready for something. But currently there is no discount yet.
    Again, the Japanese yen has been coming down in the last few months. It doesn't seem to have hit a temporary bottom yet. But due to exchange rate changes alone, I expect some discounts on camera equipments in general. How long and how deep such discount will be remains to be seen.
  10. "When was the last time that Nikon had a rebate on just its expensive lens?"​
    The last significant discounts or rebates I can can recall for the high end Nikkors were around 2005-2006. I made the mistake of assuming Nikon did this routinely and procrastinated on the 70-200/2.8 VR. It's never been so affordable again. However I did get a good deal on the then-current 24-120/3.5-5.6 VR, a pretty good all purpose lens that I stupidly sold. The 24-120/4 VR is far more expensive and beyond my budget.
  11. Thanks for the reply Lex. If Nikon has not had a rebate on high end Nikkors since around 2005-2006, then it is long overdue! I love ya Nikon but come on...give us a price break and you will sell more products.
    I definitely need to upgrade from the kit lens (18-70mm), but it is hard to spend $1,900.00 for a Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8G ED. A $200.00 rebate would make it easier to bite the bullet. I paid full price (no rebate) on the 70-200/2.8 VR a few years ago. The quality is a world of difference, so I am probably going to buy a replacement for the kit lens this year for family portraits. Tourists on vacation here at the gulf coast is my main source of income since the local newspapers cut back on freelancers. Plus, I used to sell a photo to the A.P. now and then but the last couple of times I contacted them they did don't seem to want photos unless there was death and destruction.
    I was wondering if Canon was like Nikon with the stingy no-rebates on lens, so I just checked the Canon website and>> Hmmm.... They are starting rebates on lens and speedlights tomorrow (Feb. 17th) and lasting though the end of March. Maybe that is why the Nikon rumors are floating around. Fingers crossed:D
    Go to Canon link and click on Speedlight and Lens Instant Rebate-
  12. FWIW, Nikon occasionally shows hints of departing from their usual practice of very conservative marketing. For example, the B&H pricing of the black V1 and 10-30 kit zoom at $299 for the 2012 winter holiday season was a surprise. An even bigger surprise was that the discount was not only temporary but the typical prices for the V1 and 10-30 kit rose back to $50-$100 higher after the holiday. Considering how conservative and strict Nikon tends to be regarding MSRP, that's a narrowly defined but still significant indicator of a shift in Nikon's marketing strategy.
    Anyway, if I were in the market for a particular high end Nikkor, I'd be checking every major retailer almost daily for specials. I don't see Nikon throwing caution to the wind, but it does appear they're involved at least unofficially in some, shall we say... uncharacteristic (for Nikon) non-mainstream marketing practices?
  13. It appears that the Rumor site got it right. I even see the $200.00 rebate on the 24-70mm f/2.8G ED that I am looking for at Amazon. I better not post that Rumor site's name, but look for this title: The new Nikon instant rebates are now live: 18 different lenses are now up to $350 off. I hope this does not break any rules since it appears to be legitimate.
    The new Nikon instant lens rebates for the US are now live at Amazon and Adorama. B&H has the rebates listed on their website, but their prices are not updated yet. Those are direct savings (you don't have to buy a DSLR body in order to qualify) that will expire on March 2nd, 2013. An additional 2% in rewards and free shipping is also available on almost all lenses:
    PS... Lex, $300 off the Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8G AF-S VR II Nikkor ED-IF Lens:)
  14. Pretty cool. If I still used my dSLR routinely I'd be tempted by the 24-120/4 VR. For now I'm mostly using the V1 or smaller P&S digicams.
  15. Haaa.. I was just going to edit my PS.... above and add that the NIKKOR 24-120mm f/4G was $300.00 less.
    You know you want it......I'm that noise called ''temptation'' whispering in your ear.
    So, if I buy the 24-70mm f/2.8G ED, I can just about guarantee that a new/improved model will come out after my purchase. LOL
  16. Poor quarterly results and now rebates - how does that fit together?
  17. ShunCheung

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    It appears that the Rumor site got it right.​
    John, you sure are not holding them to very high standards. Prior to the actual introduction of the rebates on Sunday, the rumor site did not know when the rebate would start; apparently they thought it would be Saturday, and therefore your thread subject here is also Saturday. The rumor site also had no idea which lenses would have rebates and how much the rebates would be. Clearly some camera store(s) leaked info to them that some rebates were coming, and that was all they knew beforehand.
    If I posted such confusing and semi-inaccurate info with so little substance here to, I would get at most a C or D.
    Poor quarterly results and now rebates - how does that fit together?​
    I don't think Nikon's results are all that poor compared to the rest of the camera industry, but it is clear that the rapid growth period for DSLRs is over. From 2004 to 2008 or so, it was quite obvious that the D200 was far better than the D100 and D70, and then the D300 was a lot better than the D200 .... As most serious photographers would upgrade their DSLRs every 2, 3 years. That period is over. Moreover, a lot of people are using their mobile phones and sometimes even i-Pads to take pictures. The digicams and low-end mirrorless cameras are facing a lot of competition. For example, the Nikon 1 series is losing value rapidly.
    It is not only Nikon that is facing the heat. Some of's recent changes are also related to industry changes. I would imagine for example Thom Hogan's e-book sales is also somewhat tied to Nikon DSLR and mirrorless sales. And even Apple Computer is also affected by the gradual saturation of i-Phone and i-Pad sales. Are you going to upgrade your i-Pad every year or two? Probably not.
    I think the actual rebates is a mix bag. Back in late 2010, the 70-200mm/f2.8 AF-S VR II was going around $2200 or so. Back then, I got a $400 rebate when I got that along with the D7000 so that my final cost was like $1800, and that included the built-in tripod collar. Later on, Nikon USA required authorized dealers to sell that lens at $2400 (or $2396.95), so even after the rebate, it is still $2100, much higher than what I paid a little more than 2 years ago. And that is also why the new 70-200mm/f4 AF-S VR looks very expensive as the optional collar is over $200.
    Again, I think the main reason for the rebates is exchange reate. If I could predice future exchange rates, I would have made a lot of money in the financial market, so I am not going to speculate where the yen will go, but if the current trend continues, we'll likely see more discounts on camera equipment in general.
  18. I hope the abcense of the 300 f4 and the fact that BH is out and amazon is down to 1 that this is signalling a new model
    adorama is still showing stock though
  19. Anyone know if this is happening in Canada or just the US?
  20. Miguel, Do you have to pay much more if you order from USA?
    I have read a couple of folks from Canada and Australia complaining that they were not getting the rebate. I found an older Pnet thread where someone asked for reputable retailers in Canada.
    I checked a couple of the stores and did not see rebate mentioned, but I saw some of the included lens priced cheaper then the USA price/with rebate, but some lens were more.
    I also noticed 5 year Canada warranty. Curious how Canada's warranty compares to USA. Also did not see any mention if the lens were Grey Market or not. Would not hurt to check out that old thread and compare prices and do a little research.
    Personally, I am curious if the stores run out of a lens during the rebate can we order one on back-order. I don't want to miss out, but I am also a procrastinator.....especially since I just found out that I need a $2,500.00 drainfield for my septic tank:)
  21. ShunCheung

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    Anyone know if this is happening in Canada or just the US?​
    Why don't you check the web site of Canadian camera stores and mail-order firms? Any Canadian rebate should be reflected there.
    But as I have said a few times, due to exchange rate changes, these rebates are quite predictable. Check out this 5-year chart of the Japanese yen-to-US$:
    The dollar started going down against the yen in late 2008, and that was why in early 2009, there was major price hikes in camera gear. I recall that people were snapping up the remaining 24-70mm/f2.8 AF-S around $1450 before the price went way up. Meanwhile, the US$ started gaining on the yen around last October, about 4 months ago.
    I have no idea whether this exchange rate trend will continue, but if it does, we should see even more rebates or permanent price cuts, and the rebate will likely go beyond the current level.
    For those in Canada, Australia, etc., you can take a look at your exchange rate vs. the yen and draw your own conclusions. My guess is that you will see similar price drops in Canada soon, if it is not already there.
    Additionally, this is also an opportunity for Nikon to move some slow-selling lenses. Recall that they introduced the 18-300mm DX zoom in June last year at $999:
    Back then, Nikon USA asked me whether I would like to review that lens, as they would loan me a review sample. I told them that this is a 16.7x super zoom, and I am not optimistic about its performance on the current high-pixel DX DSLRs. If I review it, I am not going to hold back on my criticism. Eventually we agree that I am not going to review that lens.
    Perhaps not too surprisingly, Nikon USA is now providing a $300 rebate on the 18-300, i.e. 30% off a lens that was introduced merely 8 months ago:
  22. I can confrim price drops for various lenses at Adorama, Amazon, B&H and J&R as I ahd ordered Nikkor 85mm 1.4 G from J&R 10 days ago, but still backordered..
    My price for the backordered lens was very graciously adjusted down by J&R... but the lens seems extremely backordered on various websites and stores.
    I know I am being impatient but why short produce / supply the classic 85 1.4 G !!
  23. Vikas,
    Yes, I noticed that B&H and Adorama were also back-ordered on the 24-70, but when I checked Amazon earlier today, they still had a dozen left. I ordered mine a couple of hours ago. They are down to 7 now.
    It looks like Amazon still has one Nikkor 85mm 1.4 G left as of 5:24pm. I called Amazon and kept them on the phone to verify that they still had the 24-70 left while I placed my order. As a first time user of Amazon Prime, it is free for the first month and the lens will only take 2 working days to arrive.
    I made sure that the Amazon Prime will not renew at the end of the month, since the annual fee is pricey and I usually have items sent by regular shipping.
  24. ShunCheung

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    John, if you need the 24-70mm/f2.8 AF-S, just get it. The current rebate has been around for two weeks. At some point it doesn't pay to keep agonizing about that.
    I just checked some old e-mail. Back in early 2009, before some rounds of major price hikes, the 24-70mm/f2.8 AF-S was about $1450. Since the yen was going way up, people knew that prices were also going up soon. A friend from Germany ordered one in January to lock in the low price and had it shipped to my address, and I played around with it a bit. He came over to the US in March but not to my town, and I re-shipped it to him.
    Of course, I could have gotten one myself before those price hikes, and I decided to pass. I still own the 28-70mm/f2.8 AF-S, which remains a fine lens today, on the D800. The 24-70mm is the only Nikon constant f2.8 zoom that I have never owned.
  25. ShunCheung

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    I checked a few items on B&H's web site. It looks like the rebate that was ending on March 2, which was yesterday, is now extended through March 30. However, I did not check every item and I am also not sure whether Nikon USA has added any new rebates.
    B&H still has this page on their web site, currently showing the March 2 end date:
  26. "As a first time user of Amazon Prime, it is free for the first month and the lens will only take 2 working days to arrive. I made sure that the Amazon Prime will not renew at the end of the month, since the annual fee is pricey and I usually have items sent by regular shipping."
    A little off topic, but even on my squeaky tight budget I find Amazon Prime's annual fee to be a great value if you use it fully. Besides free 2-day shipping on eligible items and the e-book lending library, there are lots of movies and TV shows. For us it's more cost effective than premium cable, which ended up costing a fortune every year for very little stuff that was actually worth watching.
    We also use Amazon to order heavy items that are difficult for me to carry far, like cat food and litter in bulk. Amazon delivers to the door, very handy.
    The only drawback, which may be resolved soon, is that Amazon Prime free 2-day shipping has used the USPS for local delivery. Since the USPS will discontinue Saturday delivery some orders may actually take up to 4 calendar days, if ordered on Thursday.

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