Nikon introduces the new D5200 DSLR today

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  1. dpreview article
  2. Good addition, but not for semi-pro or serious amateurs. I am still waiting for the D400, which it is overdue and will make all D300 users as myself, very happy.
  3. Good addition, but not for semi-pro or serious amateurs​
    And why not? Light, small, competent... might make an excellent backup body; for serious amateurs, it does not look like a camera that will hold you back a whole lot (except for the viewfinder and AF-S-only restriction maybe, the size/weight is a personal preference more).
    Puzzling release though: it moves the D5200 up quite a bit in competence; what does that say about a possible D7100? And that will affect for sure whether that D400 will ever see the light of day or not. Time will tell, but I have to say the specs of this one surprise me quite a bit.
  4. £719 body only and £819 with the usual 18-55mm.
    It's pretty much a higher-res D7000 but with only AF-S lens capability.
    "...but not for semi-pro or serious amateurs..." Who then, complete beginners? That price tag is a little high for that market....what does that equate to, about $1200??
    It also puts the D3200 in an odd place.
  5. Maurice, with them moving the D5200 this far upmarket in capabilities, I believe that the D7100 could add enough features that it makes the need for a D400 redundant. Give the D7100 the 51-point AF, and a better buffer, and voila, no need for a D400! That would seem to go in line with Nikon's numbering scheme anyway. As I said in another thread, they just need to look at the a77 and make sure that the D7100 competes favorably with it.
  6. I use a D3100 in my pro work when I carry three lenses. The D7000 & 16-85 for 80% of the shots,, On my right side. The D300 & 105 VR 15% for sniping across the room and portraits. and the 3100 & Sigma 10-20 5% for super wide shots on my left. It is light and fits in a fanny pack holster and has a high IQ. I do not need rapid fire for super wide or even 100% viewfinder. As well, it can be a backup for the other 2 cameras. With a SB 600, (older 800 in bag, slightly damaged but still works) I can cover most events I am hired for.
    So the 5200 should be a very usable camera in a pro setup.
  7. Maurice--
    I've been taking photos pretty much every day for over a decade. I sell the shots to magazines, calendar companies, and do contract work locally. In the past about a quarter of my income came from photo sales to stock agencies. By the end of this year I will have photo'd five weddings for $$. I'm certainly not claiming to be a pro, but I think I can make a case I'm a "serious amatuer." That said, I honestly don't think the camera makes much difference at all in 90% of what I shoot. The less it costs, the more $$ there will be in my pocket. I've been using the D5100 for most of my digital shooting since June, including most of one wedding. I will likely buy a D5200 if the ISO 1600 looks as good from it as it does from the D5100. For me, that's the big question. I find the swing out LCD quite useful for many creative shots. The only thing the D5100 does not have that I really want is a port to plug in my remote triggers, so I can fire two or three cameras at once, from a distance. For most of the past 25 years I've done photography my strategy has been to have first class lenses, first class tripod, and then plug a midpriced camera into that system as new ones become available. Buying cameras such as the N6006, N80, D5100 is a very efficient use of money as the value is high and you don't have much money tied up in camera bodies (which lose value FAST!) Ideally, I would have a D400 for sports/nature and a D5200 for everyday shooting and travel.
    I have absolutely no doubt I'll be able to take great shots with a D5200. For that matter, I've sold shots I took with my 1959 Kodak Brownie, a $5 toy camera. It ain't the camera that matters.
    Kent in SD
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    It is strange the the D5200 is announced on election day in the US. I just checked with Nikon USA, as the D5200 is somehow not on Nikon USA's web site, but it is on Nikon Japan's web site. Essentially Nikon is not selling the D5200 in the US until next January.
    The following link is Nikon Japan's D5200 announcement:
    P.S. I just checked Nikon Canada's web site. Concerning DSLRs, it looks just like Nikon USA's web site. Essentially the D5200 "does not exist yet" in North America.
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    I honestly don't think the camera makes much difference at all in 90% of what I shoot.​
    Kent, that may well be true for what you shoot.
    In my case, depending on the subject matter, the camera can make a huge difference in what I shoot. But I shoot a lot of wildlife action, some sports, and some low light events. Therefore, the capability of the AF system, frame rate, and low-light performance all show up in my images frequently.
  10. As of 10 mins ago (15.00 GMT) the new D5200 is on Nikon UK but the release of the associated WiFi Radio gear that appears on the Dutch site is not.. Go Figure??
  11. Call me obscure, but I'm waiting to see whether it has 14-bit NEFs (and see whether the sensor really is an improvement over the D7000's, and whether the D3200 was artificially crippled down to 12-bit).
    I was vaguely tempted by the D3200 to complement my D800, as a way of getting a little more reach from my longer (and macro) lenses when I need it. I suspect a D7100 or D400 is going to be outside the price range I'd find justifiable, although I'll be holding on a bit for the price to drop on the D5200 anyway. The autofocus and metering upgrades make the new release a bit more tempting than the D3200 was.
    I wasn't expecting this to get the D7000's autofocus. Speculatively, I'll be interested to see whether there's a D7100 which is a D5200 in a D7000 body (extra controls, AF motor, aperture feeler, pentaprism, possibly 6fps) and a D400 (now, to me, looking more likely to have the 24MP sensor if it's okay in low light, bigger body, 51-point AF, dual card slots, 8-10fps), or whether Nikon will amalgamate the two systems, especially by giving a D7100 the 51-point AF system. It might be interesting to see whether a future D400 has an integrated portrait grip, for those who like DX for reach rather than body size. Interesting times...
  12. Shun--
    I don't shoot a lot of sports, and most of my wildlife is stationary. I do shoot at night a LOT though. In winter I mostly shoot at night since it gets dark around 5 PM here. I've had no trouble at all using vintage 1930s camera gear and ISO 400 film. Or, ISO 25 film and Civil War vintage camera gear for that matter. It's just a matter of taking what you have and making it work for you.
    Strange that Nikon would not release a D5200 in North America before Thanksgiving. My assumption is they just can't supply it. And, where was the Nikon rumor site on all of this?
    Kent in SD
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    It's just a matter of taking what you have and making it work for you.​
    Kent, I think that sums up the difference between you and me very well.
  14. "upper entry-level DSLR"​
    How much better than the D3200? Will image quality be better?
  15. Wouter, Kent, .. I am not a pro but I won't buy that camera. I am entitle to my opinion, am I not? For you it could be a great back up camera, for me it won't. I do agree it is not about cameras, but then if I ever need a back up camera, it will my D300 and the D400 or the D7100 ( if they fix the buffer problem ) will be my main camera, so I should go down in the ladder to the bottom of a D5200 when I can keep my D300 as a backup ?
    Shun already gave you Kent, a good answer. Perhaps if you want to shoot sport photography, then because cameras are not important in your concept, why don't you show us how good can you do a sport photography with a D7000 shooting in RAW at full speed ? Or how good can you do to shoot a wildlife with a D5200 and a 400 mm f/2.8 lens attached to it ?
    That is why we have plenty of options for you to choose the camera that fit your photography style and which one you are going to keep as a backup camera. BTW, to be honest, I don't think there will be a pro keeping this camera as a backup especially if the D7100 or the D400 are created. Any of those cameras should be much better than the D5200 as a backup for a pro that shoot with the D3 series or D4. I would !
  16. i'm still waiting for the d400...
  17. Additional info at
    Henry Posner
    B&H Photo-Video
  18. Essentially Nikon is not selling the D5200 in the US until next January.​
    Indeed weird - missing out on all the Xmas action! Maybe NikonUSA has too many 5100 to move?
    Puzzling release though: it moves the D5200 up quite a bit in competence; what does that say about a possible D7100? And that will affect for sure whether that D400 will ever see the light of day or not. Time will tell, but I have to say the specs of this one surprise me quite a bit.​
    Pretty much the first thoughts that crossed my mind when I saw the D5200 specs. So far, the vari-angle LCD seemed to have been the major difference between the D3000/D5000 and D3100/D5100 - but now there is a bigger gap between the D3200 and the D5200. The D7200 will certainly retain the in-camera AF motor and the ability to meter with non-chipped lenses. Might get an upgrade to 51-point AF. The D400 will have all that plus more.
    I actually see the opening of a gap between the D3200 and D5200 as an indication of the upcoming DX mirrorless that will "replace" the D3200 eventually.
  19. The appeal of the D5000/5100/5200 series may be lost on many people in this forum, but for me it's right in my wheelhouse. Photography is strictly a hobby and my budget is limited, yet I’ve been an SLR and DSLR user for over 30 years. I consider myself an ‘advanced amateur’, having cut my teeth on an EM when I was a teenager and gradually working my way up to a used N90s. While the D40 was an excellent introduction into the digital SLR realm, I quickly bumped up against its limitations and built-in restrictions and feel that the 3100 and 3200 are similarly restrictive despite their impressively advanced performance and features. I love my D5100 - as Thom Hogan alluded to in his review, it's 'just right' for someone like me who is looking for greater control and performance while on a budget. I'm glad to see the D5200 and I hope there is always a place in Nikon's DSLR lineup for this market segment.
  20. Current UK prices would point to a price point for the D5200 with 18-55 here in the US of $1100-$1200 - right up there with the D7000. That would push a D7000 successor towards $1500 and a possible D400 towards $1800. But the D5200 would cost twice as much as the D3200 - that's a big price gap.
    Biggest surprise for me today is the Canon 24-70/4 IS USM - for $1499!!! Certainly a way to escalate prices.
  21. Where are good DX prime lenses?
    I doubt Nikon would release D7100 or D400 (and I am not interested in those) since that end of the market would probably gravitate towards D600.
    Essentially the 24MP upcount is for the (rare) serious photographers like Kent who want this as backup and more towards general consumers who like the Nikon name and can say "wow it has 24 MP" and the 18-55 is the only lens they would likely get.
    Essentially at least in the US, mirrorless apparently is *yet* not as popular as DSLR and this move allows Nikon to up the ante.
    (I personally might get the XE-1 if the 18-55 reviews show it is very good. That way I will have a good light kit. Will still keep the D7000 with the 35 mm)
  22. I could go thru my prev posts, I predicted the D3200 would set the baseline and how we had the D800 and then the D600. Get them hooked in for the bodies and get them hooked in for life ... (with the lenses that's been price skyrocketed). I'm over the hype now, I still have a D70 that I used on a tripod mainly. I'll wait for the next entertaining media release when the 40MP comes out ..... ;-)
  23. is on Nikon UK but the release of the associated WiFi Radio gear that appears on the Dutch site is not..​
    MM that is not a surprise .. these devices use radio frequencies, and the UK have alwatys had some isiues with this kind of thing , and always have had their own policies on licencing those....
    actually see the opening of a gap between the D3200 and D5200 as an indication of the upcoming DX mirrorless that will "replace" the D3200 eventually.​
    mm Gotta feeling that the next Nikon Mirrorless will be the replacement of the D300 / D300S, as a preliminary for the Pro market full frame mirrorless. I think that all mechanics will be phased out in camera's eventually. but that is just my "crystal Sphere story"... :)
  24. C.P.M. I like your thinking!
    Mirrorless makes high fps a whole lot easier, just add a big buffer, some high-speed processing and Nikon could make a DX action camera game changer....:)
  25. Thx Mike,
    I think its about time to get rid of that mechanical mirror "contraption" considering current available technology, plus it has taken too long now for Nikon to replace that D300/s , so i realy feel that someting might get changed soon.. :- )
    Also Nikon needs to start a new revolution, like they have been doing several times in the past... :)
  26. Nikon Mirrorless will be the replacement of the D300 / D300S​
    I am waiting for the D300/D300S replacement - but if that will turn out to be a mirrorless, I am not interested. Not at all. My "crystal ball" says that Nikon DX mirrorless will be at the lower end of the DX line, not the upper one. I have not seen an EVF that I like and that I would trade the classic pentaprism/mirror "contraption" for.

    However small they make that display lag - it's going to be there and hard to deal with. And then there is the smearing of anything that moves reasonably fast.
    plus it has taken too long now for Nikon to replace that D300/s​
    That's no reason not to replace it. Mirrorless is a current fad that camera makers exploit to push more cameras - they might have some advantages with regard to video (which is still quite rudimentary on DSLRs) - but there is no substitute for a good optical viewfinder.
  27. preliminary for the Pro market full frame mirrorless​
    The FX market is small enough as it is - and now Nikon is supposed to squeeze another camera and lens-system in there? My guess is that we are still a few years away from seeing a Nikon full frame mirrorless.
    Why is it that all those who got what they wanted from Nikon - be it the "less pricey" FX body or the "more features" consumer DX camera - don't want to allow those that want to stick with high-end DX to get their camera too? IMO, Nikon needs to exploit every niche there is - and they hooked me into the upper end of DX and so far have given me no way up or out. And I know that I am not alone.
  28. Will the D5200 autofocus "D" lenses.
  29. ross, no it won't
  30. Thanks Tony. I was hoping it would kind of fill in the D90 level as well and have the built in motor since I have mostly D lenses.
  31. I have the D7000 and love it. you could wait and see if a D7100 comes out and probably get a great deal on a D7000.
  32. Get a D90
  33. Looks like a great machine, I don't "need" one right now, but has plenty to offer.
  34. I am not really looking for a camera. Just wondering what they offer. I will shoot my D200 for as long as it works well.
  35. Ross, I'm in the same boat! One curiosity with this D5200: since it has the D7000's meter, does that mean that it will meter with non-Ai lenses? One curiosity in Nikon's lineup until now is that the lower-end cameras are the only ones that can mount non-Ai lenses, but they can't meter with them. What a waste! Of course, there are always solutions to this:
    -Break off my D200's aperture ring, but then my 300mm f/4 would have to be upgraded to the AF-S version
    -Do an Ai conversion, but that requires converting my 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, and 135mm lenses, bleh.
    Actually, a Nikon with a Sony-style EVF would be great, because viewfinders aren't meant to be accurate with sub f/2.8 lenses, and focus peaking would be useful! I'd also love to grab a few lenses like the Voigtlander 58mm, and focus peaking would help.
  36. I'm fascinated by the fact you all are arguing about "why Nikon makes a d5200" by arguing about how it
    fits with other Nikons. Anyone in the argument ever hear of cameras called a t3i and t4i made by a little
    company named Canon ? Neither the D5100 nor the D3200 Nikon present true market-place
    competition to them. The D5200 will. Thus, it gets built. But will it compete at over a grand in Cdn$ ? No
    chance. That price point will have to lower very quickly to compete.

    (and to answer in advance, "yes", I have worked directly in the field, outdoors, with both Canon's T3i and
    Nikon's D3200....with Nikon 70-300 VR it's sensor produces superb IQ, but the D3200 body is really
    "tiny" and really "flimsy"). The D5200 will have the fully articulated screen finally, which has been
    lacking, and it will be superior to the Canon T4i one because they haven't gone with the silly "touch
    screen" to make it into an iphone).

    It also goes to 5 fps, which does "get there" for wildlife use, as does also T4i, which was a vast
    improvement from the prior three point seven in Canon. I for one, am really looking forward to the D5200
    getting here.
  37. I don't think it is much more competent. In my opinion, it is a step up akin to the step up from the D5000 to the D5100. More resolution. Slightly different in look. Slightly better video. Slightly better auto-focus.
    The D7100 will operate the old D series lenses. The D5200, like its predecessors does not. They had to improve on the D5100, right? It had to be better than the D3200, right? What would you expect? It doesn't have weather seals, it has a pathetic little 8 frame buffer for shooting raw. It has a little pentamirror viewfinder. It's a sad little thing, but better than the D5100 for sure, which is why people will upgrade. The D7100 will have a pentaprism viewfinder, weather seals, and bigger buffer. It will also shoot faster, with a larger (probably 11 frames) buffer for shooting raw, capture to 14 bit raw files, and possibly be the first Nikon to have a built-in GPS. It will probably also have a magnesium body. The D7000 has 2 card slots, so the D7100 will no doubt have the same. No, this D5200 is not taking market share from the D7100 any more than the D5100 took market share from the D7000. And as for the D400 . . . if Nikon finally decides to make one, I believe it will shoot at 10 fps. It needs to do that, or Sony will just eat it alive with their year-old A77. (The only advantage the Nikon D400 will have over the Sony A77, other than the Nikon lens system, will be its bigger raw buffer - probably 20 frames vs. the A77 at 14 frames - and the two CF card slots, like the D300s has. The Sony A77 has two SD card slots, like the Nikon D7000.) The D7100 will probably shoot at 7 fps, and the D400 at 10 fps. The D400 will have a slightly bigger review screen (probably the same 3.2" screen as the D600) some new-fangled better this or that, two card slots like its predecessor, and as the "more professional" level camera, when compared to the D7100, it will most-likely be priced at $1,995, while the D7100 will be priced at $1,495, and the D5200 will be priced at $1,195 (all falling quickly by about $200, to sit at $999, $1,299 and $1,799 respectively). I'm guessing the D400 might even have a 12 megapixel crop mode for super high-speed shooting, which allows 12 fps shooting for sports and such. It will also have the biggest buffer in the 24 megapixel APS-C range of cameras, for shooting lots of raw shots in bursts (40 frames or more in crop mode).
    I guess we shall see, but this new D5200 is what I have been waiting for. Now I just need to save up to get one. I think it will be a decision between the Nikon and the Sony A65, since I believe that they will both be around the same money, by the time I have the funds saved. The A65 has a built-in GPS, shoots at 10 fps in high-speed mode, shoots 1080p60 video instead of 1080i60, and I already have some lenses for it. But I want the Nikon, because I believe the D800 will ultimately be the final camera that I will buy for my birthday in October next year. Plus, I want the Tokina 10-17mm zooming fisheye, and the Nikon D5x00 bodies are the best for shooting with that lens. I might just forgo the decision and get the D5100 right away, so I can get that lens sooner. The D5100 is so cheap now!
  38. One things that's for sure is they know how to charge.
  39. One things that's for sure is they know how to charge.​
    Yes. It comes with an adaptor so you can put power into the batteries.
  40. It sounds like a nice camera but I will have to stick to bodies with a motor. Maybe someday I will pick up a used D300.
  41. if nikon put an af motor in it and CLS and then came up with a battery grip i would go for it. no motor, NO cls, no deal!
    think i will wait for the d7000/d300 replacement, or even skip a generation.
    the d5200 still seems nice a nice piece of kit though. it would make sense to see if there is a marked difference between it and the d3200 in image quality and low light/high iso performance.
  42. Why does this camera need a motor? ALL of Nikon's best lenses are AF-S! I love when I see people bragging about their in-body motor with a bag full of 24-70mm, 70-200mm, 14-24mm, 85mm f/1.4G, etc. The pool of worthwhile non-SWM lenses is quickly decreasing.
    As for CLS, spend the money that you save on this camera body versus a D90, D7000, or D300 and instead spend part of those savings on a used SB800, an SB700, or an SU800, and voila, problem solved, with much greater capability than having the CLS built into the camera! Once I started using the SB800 to control my group of wireless flashes, I told myself that I'd never go back to using the built-in flash that drains my camera battery, has a slower recycle, has to fire, etc.
  43. Why does this camera need a motor?​
    Well for me it does not matter much. I have a collection of "D" lenses myself so I would want a body with a motor but it does not need to be this one. If I ever need a new camera body I would probably buy something along the line of the D300 I guess. Probably a used one from KEH.
  44. I like reading about all the new camera conversations here, but I'm trying to come up with the coin to build a filter system. My wish list comes to $1350.00, back up camera has to wait, no matter what it is. I shoot a D7000 by the way.
  45. Ariel, people want a 24 Mp DX format camera (APS-C sensor) with the ability to use their old D series lenses. They don't want to have to pay for a new camera AND new lenses. Also, some people have been wanting a camera with a fold-out screen, which will allow them to use their D series lenses. Some people have a 24-105mm f3.5-4.5 D, a 50mm f1.4 D, an 85mm f1.4 D, a 135mm f2 DC, and a VR 80-400mm f4.5-5.6 D. Would YOU want to have to sell all those (or at least most of them), so you could buy new lenses, just because Nikon refused to make a camera with a built-in auto-focus drive that has a fold-out screen? Some of these people have been waiting for such a camera, just holding onto their D80 or D90, and not upgrading, since Nikon introduced the D5000. If they were shooting with Canon stuff, and started years ago with a Canon 20 D, then upgraded to the 40 D, they could still be shooting with all the same lenses they bought for their 20 D, and they could mount those lenses on their new T3i and get the use of the fold-out screen, high resolution, and auto-focus. It upsets some people that Nikon doesn't offer a more-professional level camera with a fold-out screen. I believe that Nikon does not want to upset their D3x customers, so they are waiting, to let a little more time pass, before they introduce a professional level 24 megapixel camera. Or maybe it's just about speed. They may be having trouble producing a camera fast enough and cheap enough to handle 24 Mp images like the D300s can handle 12 Mp. That doesn't make much sense to me though, since processor speed seems to double ever 18 months, and it's been a lot more than that since the D300 was first shipped. I was really surprised they introduced the D800 and D600 already. I figured they would make something like a D4x with twice the resolution (32 megapixels), and then a D800 with 16 megapixels, but they blew us all away with a super-high resolution camera instead. Maybe the D3x had abysmal sales.

    Well, I am waiting to see some raw samples of sunsets/sunrises from the D5200, so I can analyze them myself. I hope we see some soon.
  46. Yes but older AF lenses compatibility with the (2) low end cameras? I recall 1 or 2 of Nikon's film cameras were like that too. They don't even have dual command dials. Those who are into the photography know how and have previous lenses would have been paying for a D7000 camera, that's around $999 isn't it (?) or the past the D70 or took up photography with a film SLR.

    If they provide a D5200 or even a D3200, has the 24MP, has manual mode, has WB, has TTL flash, has a accurate light meter, can utilise all the AF lenses. More people would opt for the cheaper camera. Bad news for Nikon. You could even ask if they could add in manual focus lens (metering) support.
  47. I think what people really want is a camera like the D300s with a 24 MP sensor (twice that of the D300 and D300s and 50% more than the D7000). Yes, I know there are people who would like an upgrade of the D7000, so they can shoot faster, and they like the image quality from the D7000, so they don't want 24 megapixels. Still, I don't see how someone can look at a lot of images from the Sony A77 and think it's too noisy. It produces about the same noise as the Nikon D7000, but captures a sharper image! Even the photos from Nikon's own D3200 (which is 24 MP) are acknowledged as having better image quality than the D3100 (which was 16 MP). I believe that if Nikon created a D400 with two CF card slots (like the D300s) and a 24 MP sensor, and it was capable of shooting at 10 fps (to compete with the Sony A77), and captured 14 bit raw files (of course it would), just like this new D5200, then they would have a winner (as long as it is weather sealed, etc.
    The crazy thing is . . . Sony is they only company making an affordable camera with weather seals, which shoots fast at 24 megapixels. That's PATHETIC! How can the leaders in the industry let Sony get so far out in front? The image quality is acknowledged as stellar. The speed is astounding, and both the Sony A77 and A99 have the ability to shoot at 10 fps, while capturing 24 megapixel images. The only competitors that Nikon and Canon have are more than twice the price and shoot at a maximum of 18 megapixels!
    It's actually quite sad that Canon and Nikon are in such a state of dragging their feet. At least Nikon seems to be making an effort to catch up. They have created the D800, which is the resolution leader, and they have two models that shoot at 24 megapixels. Canon has NOTHING with super high resolution . . . though their legendary 7D was ahead of its time and has stayed at the top of the mountain for quite some time.
    I'm glad this new Nikon shoots at higher resolution, a little faster, and has better auto-focus. I just wish it had weather seals and could operate the auto-focus on older lenses. Even without those features, I'll probably end up getting one of these new D5200 bodies though. I just LOVE the choice of lenses for Nikon cameras.

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