Nikon Introduces Mirrorless Z System

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    Nikon | New Products Global Launch Event

    The new Z mount has a 55mm diameter, which is 1mm wider than Canon's EOS EF mount (54mm). The flange-to-sensor distance is 16mm, which is 2mm shorter than Sony A mirrorless. In other words, with a very thin adapter, you can mount Sony A lenses onto Nikon Z, but you cannot mount Nikon Z lenses onto Sony mirrorless and focus to infinity.

    News articles on Nikon's world-wide web site:
    Please keep in mind that the 58mm/f0.95 S Noct lens will be officially introduced later on, probably in 2019, and it is manual focus only.
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    Mirrorless Z mount lens road map from the live stream.

    Nikon breaks with its tradition and provides a road map for its up-coming lenses. I guess that is necessary since there are only 3 Z mount lenses to begin with. But I wouldn't take this schedule too literally. Plans could change.

    However, it looks like Nikon is relying on adapting F-mount super-tele onto mirrorless in the next couple of years. The longest lens in this road map is the 70-200mm/f2.8 work horse lens.

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    Prices in the US, in US$:
    • Z7, 45MP, body only $3399.95
    • Z7 with 24-70mm/f4 S kit lens $3999.95
    • Z6, 24MP, body only $1999.95 (or 1995.95??)
    • Z6 with 24-70mm/f4 S kit lens $2599.95
    In other words, you pay $600 extra to get the kit lens with a body
    • 24-70mm/f4 S lens $999.95 by itself
    • 35mm/f1.8 S lens $849.95
    • 50mm/f1.8 S lens $599.95
    • FTZ adapter $249.95, and another $100 off when purchased with either a Z6 or Z7 body before December 31, 2018
    The F mount 500mm/f5.6 E PF AF-S VR is $3599.95. That price is a bit cheaper than what I had anticipated.

    The Z6 is priced to compete against the Sony A7III, but that 50mm/f1.8 S lens is quite expensive.

    I have not much information about that 58mm/f0.95 S Noct lens, but I am sure that it will be several thousand dollars. And it looks huge too and it is manual focus only, no AF.

    This is an image from Nikon showing the front side of the FTZ adapter mounted on a Z7

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  4. Very interesting. Wonder about weight specs.
  5. Really nice to see the lens road map.

    The pricing of the Z6 + 24-70 is pretty close to the D750 + 12-120.
    The Z7 is similar to the D850 in pricing.

    So now we know the target strata.
  6. Weatherproofing is very interesting. The top plate LCD simplifies controls, with (likely) operation similar to existing Nikon DSLR's - hold button, turn dial. Compatibility with existing accessories, such as flash, is compelling. All of the above distinguish the Z7 from the Sony A9 and A7Riii. So far resolution, EVF and AF are on a par with Sony, but the high-speed lags by 50%. It will be interesting to learn about battery life. So far only 3 native lenses, compared to 6 or 7 or more at the launch of the A7. I can't say f/1.8 in a 35 mm or 50 mm lens excites me. f/0.95 excites me even less - too reminiscent of the aperture wars in the late 50's.

    The use of stepper motors for AF means manual focus is by wire. Mechanical focus is intrinsic to the AF-S design (inverted stator) Compatibility with Sony lenses will depend on the sensor cover thickness. That's a tough one for Nikon. Too thick, and legacy lenses won't work right in the corners. Too thin, and Sony lenses won't work right either. Boosting Sony lenses is probably not in the cards.

    The Z7 will have a price estimated at $3960 at today's exchange rate.
  7. I said "at least $3500 and no more than $4000" - I win:D
    Got the weight too: at most 1.5kg (it's 1.46kg).

    Good to see a lens road map - and a sensible one too. f/2.8 trio within two years - a lot faster than Sony.

    14-30/4 is a bit of a surprise.

    I'd rather get the 500/5.6 than the Z7 (or Z6):rolleyes:
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    In the US, the Z7 is $3399.95, body only. That is $100 more than the D850.
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    BTW, both the Z6 and Z7 have only one memory card slot, and it is XQD.

    Since I am a strong advocate of using dual memory cards in the backup mode, that is disappointing news. My guess is that Nikon is trying to save space, but they should be able to squeeze in an extra SD slot. Another short-term issue is that XQD cards have been in short supply since Micron discontinued the Lexar product line last year. At least Delkin is getting into that market:
    Delkin to Introduce XQD Cards

    Nikon mentioned to me that the Z6 and Z7 will have a firmware upgrade later on so that they can also use future CFexpress cards, which have the same size as XQD and can be inserted into the XQD card slot.

    The Z6 and Z7 are the very first Nikon cameras that must use XQD cards. All prior DSLRs that have an XQD slot also have either a CF or SD slot. The D5 has an interchangeable module (by a technician) so that one can use two XQD or two CF cards.
  10. There were 4: 28-70, 24-70, 35/2.8, 55/1.8 - and a 5th available soon thereafter: 70-200/4
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    I would imagine both the 14-30mm/f4 and 14-24mm/f2.8 will have a bulging front element. Personally I would like to see a 16-35mm/f2.8 or f4 that can accept conventional front filters.
  12. FTZ info from NikonUSA website: Full AF/AE supported when using FX or DX AF-S Type G/D/E, AF-P type G/E, AF-I type D and AF-S / AF-I Teleconverters
    As expected.

    So for some time to come, the "advantage" of the smaller and lighter mirrorless over the "outdated" and "obsolete" DSLR is that the weight and size advantage is eaten up by carrying around an adapter to convert the Z mount to an F mount? Trading a mirror box and prism for an adapter.

    Now waiting for the real-life reviews. If positive, I may get both a Z6 and Z7 in due time - probably after their successors have been released:(
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  13. Interesting to see how this develops.

    Clearly it's not your cheaper DX option for the typical household on vacation for eg.

    To me, this is a newer mirrorless style camera for the serious amateur and upwards crowd. In the future, who knows, if this does replace dSLR in a lot of ways it could fill that spot. The F mount lens adapter thingy - only works properly with AF-S lenses. AF-D lenses won't autofocus. AF-D lenses will have more functionality with a dSLR body. Manual lenses will be manual but have image stabilisation but I don't imagine in total there will be significant users.

    AF-D and AF Nikkor lenses will mount on the adapter and work with all metering modes, but will not autofocus. There's no AI lever on the adapter, though, so anything from before the mid 1980s will mount but will have increasing restrictions over which metering modes are available.
  14. Well, Hmmm? It's not like there are major breakthroughs here, particularly after all of the mystery hype I'm just wondering what's new? And to provide only one card slot is to me a disappointment. A good point was made earlier as to the size of the adapter, that's a pretty big lens adapter and I guess I'm a little confused at the fact that the distance to sensor is short, but the adapter looks as if its longer than what we're accustomed to. Maybe a side view will prove differently, I don't know. Price point? No second card slot? XQD only? Why? For now I'll continue to romance my XT-2. Maybe Nikon should re-think these long drawn out mysterious count down hype teaser thingies.
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  16. 310 frames or 10-15mins video recording and your battery is dead. RIP Z series.

    Nikon XQD cards. Didn't see that coming....!
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  17. Sony's A7r the lenses are not petite either so I guess that is ok but think that is kinda what was expected, Nikon always said it was going to be a full frame mirrorless. This is like a dSLR that is more modern with a mirrorless style. If the adapter works shouldn't pose too much issues either after all F mount lenses are just as large as Sony's FF lenses.

    To those who do more street and travel maybe there are other options to consider. With so much competition in that space maybe Nikon was wise to not compete there.
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  18. FT-Z is UK pre-order at a whopping £269. and I thought the FT-1 was stupidly priced.

    The Z6 and Z7 cost more in pounds than dollars....:( I know the pound isn't so strong at the moment, but it's still over 1.25.

    The Z6 body costs $1999 or £2200. $1999 at 1.25/£ is £1600. Thanks Nikon that's £600 more on a body.

    Bizarrely, that makes importing it and paying all the duties still cheaper than the price here.

    ...and £600 for a standard lens....Ha ha ha....:mad:
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  19. Both cameras use EN-EL15a batteries and weigh 585 grams (body only) according to Nikon Sweden. In Sweden the FTZ is approximately an extra €100 when you buy either body.

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