Nikon Infrared remote control ML-2

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  1. Which remote control has to be used with D300 and D700 when a distance of approx 80 meters is required, as it seems that the above is a discontinued item.
  2. It is ML-3. ML-L3 or ML-2 does not work with your cameras.
    I use Radio trigger from Amazon, that works well with D200 and D700, perhaps up to 100 meters as it says - I have not tried that far, and is inexpensive.
    I have confirmation of purchase, but I am sure you will find it on Amazon. There are 2 similar systems, and mine is the less expensive.
    "We're writing to confirm your purchase of the following item from Akces
    Media LLC:
    1 of Wireless Radio Shutter Release 300 ft range for Nikon Fuji SLR -
    incl. D700, D300, D200, D3, D2, D2H, D2Hs, D2X, D1, D1h, D1x & Fuji S3,
    S5, UVIR
    Amazon Payments has charged your credit card for this
    purchase, and the funds have been credited to Akces Media LLC.?"
    Search Amazon, or lookup
    Model N1 for Nikon, made by YONGNUO Digital WRS1
  3. FWIW i had an ML-L3 for some previous models of Nikon bodies and I found it hard to use because of the narrow angle of acceptance. I bought a much cheaper radio unit from Phottix and it's head and shoulders above the Nikon unit.
  4. I recently got an ML-2 for my F4S and I can't get it to seem to trip the shutter even with new batteries. Any suggestions?

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