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  1. Hi, I need some help about the Nikon dealers in Hanoi Vietnam. I
    tried to find this information on the web, but no luck so far. I
    found though a dealer "Ngoc Camera" in HCM.
    I would be very greatful for some information...
    Many thanks,
  2. You can go to 14 Ham Long Str, Phuong Lien company. It is a distibutor - but the price is somewhat high. Dealers can be found in Hang Trong str.; you can find a good one: Mr. Khoa at 77 Hang Trong.

    Say Cuong sends you to him :)

    Good luck,

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    Prices I saw in Hanoi when I was there for any camera equipment were not that good. The more reasonably priced stuff is grey market and may not be warranteed. Also, there are a lot of "replica" goods in Vietnam coming from sourthern China. Sometimes it's a good deal - I bought a rolling "Adidas" bag for $7 that has lasted almost two years now. But I wouldn't buy photo equipment there.
  4. tdh


    I think Phuong Lien. Co now have new adress:
    116 Trieu Viet Vuong- Hanoi.
    Tel: (4) 9783 767
  5. Are you sure? They just moved to Ham Long 2 months ago...

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