Nikon Formally Announce the Z-Mount 400mm/f2.8 S w/ 1.4x TC

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    Nikon has already pre-announced the development of this lens when they announced the Z9 on October 28, 2021. Actually I was quite surprised that they didn't also announce this 400mm/f2.8 and 600mm/f4 with the Z9. With the Beijing Winter Olympics coming up, this lens is pretty much a must to accompany the Z9.

    What is unusual with this 400mm/f2.8 is that it has a 1.4x TC built-in, similar to the Canon 200-400mm/f4 and Nikon's 180-400mm/f4. Even with the TC, Nikon manage to reduce the weight to 2950 grams, about 6.5 pounds. That is within 100 grams from the Canon and Sony 400mm/f2.8, but those lenses do not have the TC built in. However, the Nikon is priced to US$13,999.95, which is $2000 over the Canon and Sony and about $2800 over the F-mount 400mm/f2.8 FL.

    With the built-in TC, one can quickly switch between 400mm/f2.8 and 560mm/f4. The lens can take one additional TC at the end, at this point either another 1.4x and a 2x.

    News on Nikon's corporate web site:
    Nikon | News | Nikon releases the NIKKOR Z 400mm f/2.8 TC VR S, a fast, super-telephoto prime lens with a built-in 1.4x teleconverter for the Nikon Z mount system

  2. Pretty cool. Total approximately 560mm f/4 @6.5lb for US$13,999.95 (Ouch!). This is definitely one of Nikon sharpest, if not the sharpest. Hwvr, pros and cons considered - such as focal length, aperture, weight and price, some other choices are good competitors.
  3. 15449€ here in Finland. I guess Nikon is counting on the 0.01% more and more.
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  4. Crazy pricing AGAIN!

    $ : £ ~parity. $14000 v £13500

    Exc. Rate of £1 : $1.36. >>> £10K

    Even adding 20% VAT it would still only reach £12000.

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  5. Makes the 6.6KG (14.1/2lb!) of the 400mm 2.8 AFI seem rather heavy!

    Makes a great example of the benefits of modern design and materials....:cool:
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    A few days ago, I took a screen shot of the four 400mm/f2.8 lenses on B&H's web site. The two Canon are essentially identical lenses with EF and RF mounts, and they are priced within $1 with the Sony at almost $12K, and they are all about 2900 grams. The Nikon F-mount FL version is $800 cheaper but heavier. None of the four is in stock.

    I was thinking that Nikon's Z 400/2.8 with 1.4x TC should be also around $12000, maybe $1000 more for the TC. The $14K price tag is higher than I thought, but really, another $1K or 2K hardly makes a difference in that price range. You either can afford it or you cannot.

    Checking Roland Vink's web site:

    The weight for Nikon's 400mm/f2.8 has been steadily coming down:
    • AF-I from 1992: 6600 grams
    • AF-S from 1998: 4800 grams, the ii version slightly lighter
    • AF-S VR from 2007 4620 grams with VR
    • AF-S FL VR from 2014: 3800 grams, with the lighter fluorite elements
    • Z-mount VR from 2022: 2950 grams with a built-in 1.4x TC
    I have the 2007 version of the 600mm/f4 AF-S VR and I find that heavy. I would certainly pay more for the lighter weight. When capturing video, my microphone picks up a bit of the sound from that AF-S motor. The really silent AF motors on the Z lenses can really help.

  7. Looks like a great lens. Given it price, renting it when needed is likely to be the only way I might ever get to see it.
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  8. For me personally, the Olympus 150-400mm f/4.5 with a built-in 1.25 TC makes a lot more sense at USD$7,500 as it is 800mm @f/4.5 constant (in 35mm) even without flipping the TC on, and the 4-lb weight is much more handholdable. But this is another story coming from a different path.
  9. Why worry about the cost of the replacement hood when the lens costs what it does? If you can genuinely afford the lens the replacement hood should not cause an issue (it's very unlikely that one would lose it or break it anyway).
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  10. Does someone who routinely needs a 400/2.8 value the built-in TC and is willing to pay the extra cost?
    Is this a good option for someone who rather likes a 600/4 but may see the added versatility of having a 400/2.8 at the same time (at the expense of losing 40mm (600 ->560) and possibly a slight optical quality loss compared to a dedicated 600/4 lens). Same goes for the traditional 500/4 buyer - is the 400/2.8 with built-in TC a viable option? Is there actually a need for a Z-mount 500/4 and 600/4 now (as I expect these could be made even lighter than the just announced 400/2.8 with built-in TC)?
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  11. I guess it's the 'equivalence' issue.

    If I did leave the lens hood on the car roof whilst rushing to get the lens out of the rain and drive off, it's going to cost me 4x new Nikon EnEl18Ds AND a 650GB Cobalt CFx card in value.
  12. I am sure one can find a third-party lens hood at a much more reasonable price if you lose the original.
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  13. What is a built-in (switchable) TC?

    Do some lenses move into/out of the optical path?

    So it isn't a zoom lens with only two zoom positions?
  14. It has a set of elements moving into the light's path when the TC is switched on. When not used, the elements are moved outside of the light path to the side. A switch on the side of the lens is used to move the TC. It's not a zoom lens.
  15. Just noticed the Medical Warning at the end of the news release.

    No-one with a pacemaker or 'other medical devices' should use this lens as it contains MAGNETS.....:eek:

    Have I not noticed this before or is this new??
  16. Indeed, you gotta wonder how a piece of 6" CF tube, 8" long can be over $1K?
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  17. Looking at the picture, and guessing the size of lens element, it wasn't so obvious that they would fit.
    That is, that there was enough room to the side. But maybe they tilt or something like that.

    Reminds me that I do have a 28, 35mm lens. It has a switch (which I believe moves lens elements) but only two positions.
    There is no in between, so I believe it isn't called a zoom lens. As well as I know, all elements stay in the path.
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    If you have a heart problem, there is risk to get a heart attack when you see the price tag. :rolleyes:
  19. The size of the built-in TC elements (in the rear middle part of the design) can be seen in the cross-sections here:

    Nikon | Imaging Products | NIKKOR Z 400mm f/2.8 TC VR S

    The extension of barrel which houses a part of the mechanism and elements in TC OFF position is not visible in the cross-section illustrations but can be seen in the main image of the lens at the top.
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