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  1. I want to start experimenting with a used analog SLR camera. I want to get it at ebay and spend ca. 100$
    (not more than 148,745$ (=100 ?). What camera should I be looking for/avoid?
    I know it sound very naive (it is!). I have a "good eye", so picture quality counts most.
  2. The N90s would be a good choice at your price point.
  3. pge


    nikon fe would be a good choice as well imo.
  4. N80, D90s. Both great choices.
  5. Thanks a lot, that helped!
  6. If you need a lens or lenses too, I think $100 is optimistic, if you don't want to start with a repair project. However, you may be able to get a F70 (also called an N70) with AF-D 28-80mm 1:3.5-5.6 lens for that. The F70 works fine with older manual focus lenses (AI or AIS or Series E, but not non-AI) as well, some of which can be found for little money. However, the F70 is not fully compatibile with "G" lenses (including the "G" version of the 28-80), so avoid those, and of course "DX" lenses don't work properly with any film camera.
  7. I bought a Nikon FM with a 50mm f2 AI lens for less than $100. I bought a Nikon FG with a 50mm f2 AI lens for less than $50. It is possible. I wouldn't buy an n90s or n80 as when you add the lens you're looking at more than $100. Start simple with a manual focus Nikon SLR. Move up from there if you need more than that.
  8. A good source for used, trailing edge Nikon bodies is establised Canadian retailer with good warrantees, accurate descriptions and an aversion to crap merchandise.Manual bodies like the FE usually go for <US$100, as do older but useable AF bodies like the 8008s/801s; F90x/N90s bodies would be a bit more, like US$120-ish. Worth a look.
  9. AF bodies for $100 might work but I don't think a lens comes into the bargain.

    A working FM or FE with a prime on it is your best bet. The FM is nearly indestructible, the FE almost, but check if changing the ISO leads to correct meter readings.

    My own finds:

    FM, body only: 60 euros

    FE + 50mm f1.8 + 80-200 f4-f4.5 + Metz CT-41 flash + original bills & folders from 1981: 100 euros (!) Camera in mint condition.

    FE + 28mm: 100 euros

    They all worked flawlessly when I bought them. The first FE died only after when I dropped it onto the pavement (strap became undone) ... ouch. It was a gem.

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