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  1. I am going to purchase a Nikon Fm2n pretty soon and I was looking at them at I noticed that the FM2 in Ex condition is $249.00 and the FM2n in Ex condition is $199.00. I am wondering what reason would the FM2 be more expensive then the FM2n? But regardless of that point of interest I will be picking up the "n" model pretty soon. I actually was hoping for an EX+ but they do not have one. I am familiar with the various minor differences in the camera's and cannot see any reason for the price oddity.
  2. Unless you care about flash sync you don't need the 'n' model. They are identical except for that and the shutter curtains went from titanium to carbon fiber in the 'n'.
  3. The FM2n is a later model; it's not just the flash sync, they're actually newer and more reliable. If you get a high serial # like in the 8Ms you are looking at a camera that could be less than 15 years old, clloser to ten years old, if I recollect correctly (check me on that -- the dates/serial numbers are out there on the web). Any FM2n is post 1988 and any FM is 1988 or earlier.
    You're right on the KEH, it's weird. They have some strange little lacunae in their camera knowledge sometimes.
    Anyway I love my FM2n~
  4. I suspect the higher price of the FM2 is a collectability issue. The FM2 was only made for about a year, so there are far fewer of them on the used market, especially in good condition, I'd assume. I bought my first FM2n right after they were introduced in 1983 and used it for 20 problem-free years.
  5. The later shutters were aluminum, not carbon fiber. Collectivity might well be a factor. Also, their grades have a range, and prices generally reflect relative condition within a grade.
  6. Early FM2n cameras also had a honeycomb titanium shutter. Mid-way through the production run, circa 1988-90 or so, the aluminum bladed shutter developed for the N8008/F-801 was used in the FM2n.
    As others have already noted, I suspect the reason for the higher price is probably a combination of condition and the relative rarity of the 1/200 sync FM2 compared to the later and much more prolific 1/250 sync FM2n model.
  7. I recently had trouble selling a near mint FM2n with an MD12 ,for a lot less than those prices. KEH can ask whatever they want. The question being , is anyone buying? Film cameras are stones upon the market, unless the "collectors" are interested. Check out the closed auctions to see what things are actually worth.
    Don't forget the FM cameras as well. A nice one of these is worth shooting, but has an even slower flash sync and top speed. Not that I can ever recall shooting at 1/2000?
  8. Well thanks for the responses. I just found it interesting that the FM2n is cheaper then the FM2 at KEH. I suppose it's either a mistake or possibly the FM2 has a higher collectible value as mentioned above. I personally just want the FM2n to purchase. I might go for the chrome model at KEH in ex condition or I might wait a few weeks and see if a EX+ pops up. Anyway thanks for the responses. Much appreciated. Glad to see there are still a few folks out there that like film models.
  9. I looked at a mint F3 on KEH for $199... My finger hovered over the Buy button, thankfully I had wrapped up my wallet with duct tape to stop easy access to my credit card! :)
  10. An used FM2 was given to me as a gift about 20 years ago, my first camera. I have used this little camera with three prime AI/AIS lenses until I upgraded to N90s about 10 years ago.
    It has never given me any trouble. Thought it is no longer my primary camera, it is still working to this date. Now and then I put a roll in it and take it out for spin. I will probably never sell it.
  11. The camera will not be a primary camera for me either. But I thought it would be fun to take out sometimes and also something durable and small enough to carry on bicycle rides or trips. In 2 years (retirement) I plan on riding from Canada to Mexico (Pacific Coast Bicycle trail) on my touring bicycle and thought it would be ideal to take. My film camera currently is a N80 which I carry with me sometimes. It has the motor on it and that makes it kind of bulky for a bicycle but I was considering another N80 without the motor for the trip. The FM2 has available the little 45mm pancake lens which I thought would work very well for that type of use. It's to bad a person cannot look over a FM2 to decide but there are no camera stores any longer that carry used film gear. At least around here.
  12. I think the FM2n is becoming more and more appreciated.
    Some time ago I reported the sale of a mint example down here (in Australia), for $750. I can now add two more sales, all through the shop.
    A very good example but needing a CLA...$650
    A well worn but all things working example...$450.
    It might be about time that we bought a couple more ex US and sold them down here.
  13. Just about everything comes "full circle". Wonder if film cameras will be in demand again? Man I love film!!

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