Nikon FM2n - film advance lever doesn't move unless used with multi-exposure tab

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  1. I have just acquired Nikon FM2n in a nice condition. It has one problem though and I'm looking for some advice please. Basically the film advance lever is stuck and won't move. However when I use the multi-expousere tab/switch it's then possible to cock the shutter and release it. Then again, film advance lever is stuck. I removed the bottom cover but everything looks ok there and I read that the mechanism there is responsible for cocking the shutter only rather than advancing the film. Cocking the shutter is basically possible when used with ME tab, releasing as well. My thinking is that the problem lies somewhere else, possibly under the top cover? Would anyone be in a good position to help please, has anyone experienced such an issue before?
  2. I think the problem is inside where the film advances
  3. Does it mean that removing the top cover is not enough to find the reason please? Do you know where inside exactly?
  4. Of course the camera has no film right?
  5. that's correct, no film inside the camera.
  6. It's possible that it's in the base of the camera.

    I bought an FE at a garage sale that wouldn't advance the film. However, the shutter would cock using the DE feature. It turned out a gear in the film advance, in the bottom of the camera, had gotten off track. It was a ten minute fix by a Nikon tech at my local shop.

    Just sayin'
  7. that's interesting indeed Dennis. If that was a ten minute fix then I'm presuming everything was easily accessible via the bottom cover. Perhaps I will need to remove some other parts to get deeper to that gear in the film advance mechanism. Is this correct please?
  8. I didn't really check this thread completely but there is a photo of the bottom of the camera, and you can see an arm that engages the wind mechanism. You just have to move it out of the way and then wind the lever (in 95% of cases). It happened to my FE2 once.

    Eric Sande

    FM2n - help with film advance lever
  9. Hi erichsande, thanks for that but no, it's not the case here. I read these posts carefully and unfortunately problem lies elsewhere. That arm looks as it should and is not engaged either.

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