Nikon Fm2n Compatible Shutter Assembly...from FM or FE?

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  1. So the shutter on my FM2n, kinda just.... shuttered....
    One of the blades got jammed out of place, so now I'm thinking to get one of those non-working unit selling for parts from Ebay, and then give it to my local camera repair men to swap the shutter out.
    But I can't find the exactly model at the good price, instead came across a few FE and FMs for cheap.
    My question is while I know they have the titanium shutter, FM2N has the aluminium ones, I just wanna know if they will fit.
    I can't care less about the material, just wanna make my cam work again.
    Input please!
  2. Please don't bother with ebay, go straight to the camera repair man and they know what to do and they have those parts of plenty. It will cost you more, and you may get a bad one from ebay too. I had a couple of FM and FE and replaced the complete shutter and paid C$120.00 a couple of years ago. Nikon technician, working at hove too. They my be able to replace the faulty blade as well. It is not important to be an aluminum or a titan shutter either. If the camera in a nice condition, then repair it if not, just buy a new used on eBay, guarantied to work well. The FM's almost indestructible cameras.
  3. my local repair shop doesn't have the parts, and labor alone they ask for $125
  4. Garry's Camera on-line works on that camera. You can email him with your issue and he will tell you the cost before sending it in. His prices are lower then any place I have come across for repairs. In general for an old camera like the FM2n it's just time to get another camera but Garry will tell you what's up on the cost and if he will do it. I do have an FM2n with an aluminum shutter and Garry just CLA'd it for me, fixed the crank arm handle that was broken and installed a brand new K3 focus screen that I supplied. He charged me $63.00 shipping included. It's a good shooter as we speak.
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    Ross, are you referring to this Garry's Camera?
    There is also Authorized Photo Service, near Chicago:
    However, for an FM2n, perhaps it is easier to replace than repair.
  6. The blades of an FM2 or FM2N shutter can be individually replaced - a hence a repair could be cost effective.
  7. If you need a donor body to provide a shutter an F801 might be a cheaper choice as I think it shares the same shutter as the FM2n.
  8. where do you find if the shutters are compatible? how do you know F801 ones are compatiable?
  9. Have a look at the following:


    Probably worth double checking with the repair shop you are going to use to be sure it will work?
  10. See also:

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