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  1. Hi there,
    I'm about to buy a Nikon FM2 which is in great condition, but I have a question about the photos the seller is providing me. From what I can tell, it appears that the strap rings have been replaced with some round ones and that they've attached some sort of fabric for protection purposes. When I asked whether that was the case, the seller insisted it was part of the original packaging and they are they first owner.
    Now I've seen quite a few photos of the Nikon FM2 and none of them had those round strap rings (they were all triangular) or those pieces of fabric, but I might be wrong. Obviously I'm aware this doesn't affect the functionality of the camera in any way, but if I'm going to pay a premium for a 'mint condition, all original parts included' camera, it would be nice to know the truth...
    If anyone has any knowledge of this and can tell me if those strap rings are indeed not original, that would be very helpful.[​IMG]
  2. I've been purchasing Nikon cameras since 1979 and have not seen one delivered from the factory with round split rings, always triangular ones.
  3. ShunCheung

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    I bought my FE in the year it was introduced, namely 1978. This is how it looks like, with the Df.
  4. The triangular rings are standard, the cloth pieces are not! But they probably helped keep the camera looking nice...
  5. I've always seen them shipped with the triangular rings, with the plastic inserts to protect the body from rub marks.

    I've made my own protectors that look like the ones shown, except mine are made of leather.

    When I worked in a camera shop, the Nikon FM was just introduced. I had a lot of customers buy a new camera and get the circular rings with it, never use the original triangular rings. I worked with a number of salesman that would suggest buying the circular rings with the new camera. I could see a third party making the protectors for the circular rings.

    My spare F3HP is still in the box... "just in case the other wears out". I'll take some pictures of it.
  6. I have 2 FM2ns and the both have the triangular attachments for the sling. The first from 1985 and the second purchased from KWH a month ago. The 1975 FT2 has round sling attachments.
  7. Thanks everyone. It's pretty clear then that the triangular ones are standard. Brian Sweeney's response is interesting – if some people actually preferred the circular rings (I wonder why), then the seller I found might just be one of them...
  8. Circular Rings: A lot of people used wide-straps with clips on the end. Most people did not use ever-ready cases.
    I gave all my "Hippie" straps away, all unused...
    A "Nikomat Elw", circa 1977-
    Original strap rings with inserts.
    And the Df-
    After 40 years, had no trouble getting them on the Df...
  9. I purchased a Nikon F with an older Optech strap that came with the same leather tab and round rings shown in your image.
    I suspect that both the leather tab and the circular ring were provided with the Optech strap.
    If I recall correctly the strap attached to the ring is used to attach the strap in a "non standard" way (at the moment I am in a wheelchair and can't go downstairs to check the camera) and the tab is to protect the body from being scratched.
  10. I got my Nikon FM2N brand new in 1996, and it came with the triangular strap rings and no fabric under the rings. What you have pictured there is not original Nikon packaging.
  11. Sandy Vongries

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    The leather patches or pieces cut from black plastic were often touted in Photo mags as a way to protect camera finish from wear, particularly on black camera bodies. Many found the round rings easier to put on or take off the camera than the triangular ones. As previously mentioned the once popular wide "hippie" straps, usually had larger clips which pretty much required round rings.
  12. I saw FM cameras with circular rings coming along with the trendy aftermarket wider straps of that time. I'd guess that was how they got there.
  13. Another use for film cans was to store the stock strap rings and plastic inserts when replacing them with an aftermarket shoulder strap. But like the original box, instructions, sales receipt and tripod pad, most owners lost them over the years before they sold the camera. But if that FM2 is otherwise in pristine shape, it's still a good buy for a very useable camera.
  14. That's definitely not how it would have been packed
    in its little gold box. The cheap translucent white
    plastic body cap is OEM though.

    I'm also pretty certain that my FE and FM came complete with a black strap (AN7B?) packed in the box from new.
  15. also pretty certain that my FE and FM came complete with a black strap (AN7B?) packed in the box from new.​
    Back in those days, the only accessories that came included with Nikon bodies were a round black rubber tripod pad, the white plastic body cap and a bottom-plate protector made of the same material. (I don't consider the triangular D rings to be accessories as you can't attach a strap without them.)
  16. No Fred, I'm pretty certain straps were included.
    They may not have been AN-7s because they were
    plain black with no Nikon logo. I definitely don't
    remember buying straps separately, and I do
    remember unwrapping the straps from their plastic
    wrapping and unfolding and assembling them. It
    took a week or so for the folding creases to drop
    out of them under the weight of the camera.

    I got both cameras in unopened boxes from different UK discount outlets, so it's unlikely the straps were a bonus "gift" from the retailers. Maybe Nikon UK were more generous in those days?

    Whenever I've been forced to purchase a strap I've gone for something a bit wider and more comfortable. The "wine" coloured striped wide Nikon straps for preference, although I'd steer clear of any wine that came close to the colour of those straps!
  17. Never bought an FM new but in 77 when I bought the F2AS it came with very narrow leather strap. When I bought the F3HP in 82 it didn't come with a strap. When I bought the F5 in 2002 it didn't come with the strap either.
  18. My FM2N, which I bought brand new in 1996, did not come with a strap. I had to buy one separately. It did have the triangular D-rings, and the translucent body cap, and I had forgotten where that round black rubber tripod pad came from, but now Fred has reminded me.
  19. I've had straps included as standard with later Nikon bodies in the UK, but remember previous discussions where US purchasers mentioned not receiving straps with the same models.
  20. The straps were included with the ever-ready cases, bought separately. The strap rings/plastic insets came with the
  21. I think you make it too big a deal. I believe the big round ring and the cloth were definitely not from Nikon, but they may be there when the camera was bought from a store. Why? Maybe it's an option offered by the store, maybe the purchaser requested that when bought it, maybe the purchaser added it a few days later.
    But I say you make it a big deal because, we should never take the seller's words so literally. The seller may very likely not be the original purchaser (even if he says so), the seller may think he knows how and when the camera was originally bought, but he does not really know that. And telling such a lie in selling/buying online is not a surprise.
    Also, in my experience, there are cases that the camera was really bought and kept unused by the original owner, but the shutter got sticky, battery damaged the holder. On the other hand, some other cameras changed hands a lot and still in mint condition. Most important is the condition of the camera, not the honesty of the seller.
  22. When I bought my FE2 new in the early 80's, it came with a black strap with "Nikon 4000" embroidered on it; presumably touting the 1/4000 top shutter speed over the 1/2000 of the earlier FE. I bought an FM2n some time in the early 90's; no strap with that one.
    The FE2 is the only Nikon body I bought new that came with a strap.
  23. Sorry! I seem to have opened a can of worms with
    this strap/no-strap thing. I think it must be down to
    how generous the distributers were feeling on a
    region by region basis. Or whether Nikon
    themselves needed to dispose of surplus stock of
    straps from time to time. :)
  24. I use tiny O rings to protect the body from the metal rings. You hardly notice them and they fit perfectly aroung the strap lugs on the camera, and they look much nicer than those leather or plastic protectors.
  25. The straps were included with the ever-ready cases, bought separately. The strap rings/plastic insets came with the camera.​
    Brian is right. Straps came packaged with the ERCs and leatherette lens cases, not cameras.
    Of course, some dealers might have thrown in a strap for free, but they didn't come factory-packaged with Nikon film cameras.

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