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  1. will the new nikon sb-600,900,.etc flash series work with my nikon fm2 film camera?
  2. Yes, those flashes, and the SB-800 (only available as 'used') are perfectly compatible. Admittedly they are a bit overkill with their multitude of functions and capabilities but they will work just fine in Manual and Non-TTL Auto modes. The 900 is quite large and heavier than the other two. Adding an MD-12 motor-drive to the FM2 makes for a better and more stable grip.
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  3. Nikons web site will tell you what functions will and won't work with various cameras as well.
  4. I think the whole FM series has no communication with the flash, so you're basically stuck with manual mode (including calculating apertures (GN/Subject Distance (I think))).
    Pretty much any flash will trigger on that camera. Works on my FM anyway.
  5. There's not much point in paying for a SB-900 unless you plan to use it with a modern Nikon DSLR also. You can get a manual Vivitar flash or such for the FM2 for a fraction of the price.
  6. I'd opt for an older SB unit since there isn't TTL flash available on the FM2. The SB 24 or 25 are less money used than the newer flashes. The FM2 does feature a "ready light" in the VF that tells you when the flash is recycled for the next shot.This wouldn't work with a non-Nikon brand flash.

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