Nikon Fee for Cleaning a 300 2.8 AFS (out of warranty)?

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by andre_noble|5, Aug 28, 2011.

  1. Hello,
    For those Nikon shooters who had actually had the internal lens element(s) of your 300 f2.8 afs cleaned by either Nikon El Segundo or the east coeast site, how much did it cost?
    I'm referring to out of warranty cleaning.
    Educated ballpark figure OK. Thanks.
  2. Send Nikon an email, they will respond within 48 hours. Also check with people like Midwest Camera Repair.
  3. And they will respond with "you will have to send the lens in for inspection first..."

    I was hoping to avoid that red tape and get some rapid feedback here.
  4. I used a 80-200 F2.8 at a dirt track for a few years, had lots of interior dust that had to be cleaned out. Nikon charged me $250 for the service and that was about 6 years ago. Guess you could use that for a starting point.
  5. Thank you.
  6. Answer: $368.00
  7. Actually, they only charged me about $260 in the end:
    The first time around they cleaned (but did not clear acid etchings of) very early, tiny fungal filment. I sent it back, they replaced the affected element, and optically tested and modified AF.
    On another post i stated I was not happy that the resulting lens seemed to front focus. But after testing further, the AF "seems" to work properly in terms of no front/backfocus.
    I need to be grateful to Nikon El Segundo for doing all this work on a NON USA lens for only $260 US.
    Thank You, Nikon.

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