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  1. I am seeking feedback from Nikon FE users. I have the Type K split image screen and I am interested in exploring alternative screens. The Type B2 is the candidate I am looking at. I will usually use Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 in good light, so brightness is not necessarily a high priority. Top priority is a clear screen. Much of my shooting will be shallow DOF. If you are a Nikon FE user: (1) what focus screen do you use and why? (2) any comment on any FE screen is welcome.
    Also, my motive: I am seeking alternative to the Type K because it is so cluttered. For some shots, I can see the utility of the split image (i.e. precision). But for a people shot, the split image just seems to get in the way.
  2. I ended up with all of them, and switch them out now and then. I can tell you the
    ones I tend to leave in the most are e and e2. I like the line etchings. The mat doesnt
    seem so useful for fast lenses, and I tend to use the split or microprisms for fine
  3. I switch between the K2 and E2. The latter more for faster lenses and when I need the grid lines. For slower lenses, I find the K2 more useful.
    If you don't mind the grid lines, go for the E/E2. I find the grid lines really useful.
  4. Easy. I've got 3 FE bodies with K/B/E screens. I like the K for fast, precise focus when shooting street. It sucks for macro since stopping down creates a large black spot center frame. The E is great when I use my ancient 35/2.8 PC lens and need help with straight lines and shift limits. The B is good for portraits when I can fuss and hunt for focus. Frankly, I have the later, brighter versions of all these screens and can't always see the improvement over the old versions.
  5. Oops, I said split on the E, which there is not. So I like the E, but end up with the K
    most often. Just had to look again. Looking through my collection of screens, I
    realized there is also the more rare 3 series. I dont use them much because they are
    brighter and I have to remember to adjust exposure. I think they were for the fm3
    series cameras.
  6. I swapped my screen for a K3 screen--the one for the FM3a. They're available for just under $35 at B&H.
    It's brighter and, for me, easier to focus with than the K screen that came in my FE at purchase. Some people report having to adjust the exposure compensation when using the screen, but I've used mine without compensation mostly--for negative film it's fine, and even the few rolls of transparency film I've shot with it seemed properly exposed. Still, it's not a hassle dialling in a +½ stop compensation--or just adjusting the ISO rating of the film you're using.
    I've been very happy with the switch.
  7. Hey thanks for all the helpful responses. A lot of votes for the K and the E, but none for the B. The only difference between B and E is the
  8. Update: I just installed a type E3 screen and I love it. Much better for me than the K.

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