Nikon F90 (US = N90)

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  1. Thanks for the writeup JDM. I got an F90 in the short period of time between the F90 and the F90x. So many features. I used it almost exclusively in auto every thing mode. I did go to manual when I used my hammerhead Sunpak flash.
    I still have it and still love everything about it. Last outing was with Adox CMS20 film, the day was very bright and the auto everything handles it very well. I don't know where to post images such as these. Maybe you have some suggestions
  2. I took a bit to warm up to the N90 but have two of them now along with big brother the F4S. I find them to be very capable while still letting me do as much of the work as I want. As I move back to film for a lot of my work these bodies will be getting put to work. Or back to work.

    Rick H.
  3. Well.... I just finished Swan's Way. Mann was obviously influenced by this seminal work.

    The translation (done at the same time as some of the writing) is claimed to be the finest translation into English of any book. In any case it is worth reading in its own right.
  4. Not trying to re-animate, but I did finish Proust (ALL of it). I am now half way through the unabridged Gibbons - Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.

    I have also done my 'new' Leica M-3 (Leica M3 -- a personal history of the road more traveled) and may get to one of my Argus 35mm cameras tomorrow.
  5. This was an enjoyable read, and thanks as always for the good write up.

    One of the things that's always struck me about the N90(and the N80008) is how loud they are. The mirror definitely makes a decisive "clap"-I think it's the loudest Nikon SLR I've used.

    One other thing of note-the N90 was Nikon's first camera to offer data recording. With PhotoSecretary, or now Meta35-it's possible to retrieve the basic metadata of every frame organized by roll. The only problem is that data recording isn't enabled by default, and you need either PhotoSecretary or Meta35 to turn it on. Still, it's a handy feature if you're so inclined.
  6. Sounds about like the "second system effect" from Brooks' "Mythical Man Month".

    The book is about the design of computer operating systems, as he was the head of OS/360 in the early 1960's.

    For the first system designers work on, they aren't so sure how things will go, so they are careful which features to include.

    For the second, they include all those features that they thought about the first time, but didn't include.

    I don't see that it wouldn't work for cameras, too.
  7. Your list reminds me that I have a T80, bought a few years ago from Goodwill for USD17.

    One complaint is that the AF tends to decide to refocus right before the shutter goes, such
    that it is nowhere close to in focus. It goes all the way to one end before going to the actual
    in-focus position.

    Many cameras now lock out the shutter when AF is not close.
    Or maybe there is an option that I don't know about.

    I have only one lens for it, as I wouldn't know where to find others, at least not for a
    low enough price (to go with a $17 camera).
  8. Thank you for being a champion for these unsung heroes, the late af cameras that are so easy to use. I rely on alternates of Dickens and Trollope as my sleep inducers which , along with my oxygen mask, do the trick. I fear that Mann, Proust and Gibbon would send me in to a coma.Looking forward to reading more of the Argus, Charles.
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  9. In each case, there are pages that require more than one read to actually finish, but each also has some of the most sublime writing ever done.

    I have read some of Mann in the original German, but mostly in translation. I would probably place Magic Mountain as my favorite there.
  10. I ended up using GUNK to remove the sticky crap. Quite time consuming.
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  11. Thanks for this thread!
    I loved my Canadian F90S
    I couldn't stand to sell it for nothing, so I kept it. I had an 801 before it; the 90S was so much better.
  12. I had it.
    I was so deeply frustrated beacause of the rear back rubber... Japanese technology let me down for the first time. Who taught them
    Materials Science?! I liked that "matte window on the prism"...and liked the idea. Why did they make it of sleek plastic?
    Subjectively, it was better to use than Yashica 109... better VF. AF was good, even excellent in daylight. Pleasure to use: so-so... heavy-ish loud brick. The rubber part on the grip did not come off though. It came pre-owned to me with a mint 50/1.4 AF and the commend back (800 USD for all kit) and it was sold after 3 yrs. of use for nothing. No regrets.
  13. I found that Ronsonol and very fine steel wool got rid of the Sticky Gunk in a hurry.
  14. My N90s is the best film camera I,ve found. Beats my F, F3, and FM2. It does it all.
  15. Vincent Peri

    Vincent Peri Metairie, LA

    Hmm... not with manual
    focus lenses...
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