Nikon F90 Shutter Speed Error on display

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  1. Hi, recently I bought a second-hand Nikon F90, Everything's fine except the display where the shutter speed values are shown, there's a flashing 'Err' on it, You can still press the shutter button though, and sometimes after you pressed the button the flashing error will disappear then changed to the shutter speed value but usually the flashing error will be back (This before I load a film).

    I've tried to reset the settings (pushing two "reset" buttons) and change the batteries, still it keeps showing. Oh, and the film counter on the LCD keeps showing number 4 even before I load a film. Any idea what's the problem is? Thank you very much!
  2. What lens is on it? " Err" can be a comms issue that's locking up the body.
  3. Err was usually an alert to a film transport problem. I experienced it a few times after transferring a roll from my FE2 to an AF camera because of the severe crease in the film caused by the FE2.

    In those cases I removed the film from the AF camera in a dark space but the camera still thought something was stuck. After that the problem was getting the camera to forget the incident. I think removing the batteries for a few days worked, along with pushing some of the buttons randomly during that time to discharge any current. Not very scientific but I think that is how I solved my problem.

    Eric Sande
  4. Way to go!


    PS. We've all been there, and hey, it works!

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  5. I played around with my very similar F90 but it always displays the shutter speed, whether in A, S, P or M mode, and with or without a lens fitted. Definitely try running a film through, it may reset whatever condition is confusing things.
  6. It's the original lens i think? AF Nikkor 35-80MM
  7. I see, I'll try this method! You have any idea about how to deal with the film counter?
  8. Will try!
  9. Came back to this thread after remembering that Err was also a DX code error and switching to manual ISO setting was a cure.

    Eric Sande
  10. I think that's the problem yeah. Recently I'm running a dx coded iso 800 film but the camera indicates that the film dx code iso is 3200. The err still shows after a few shots... even when I manually set the iso it still shows, I don't know what to do anymore haha
  11. Tape over the whole dx code area. Maybe manual ISO override isn't working, it's just confusing it?
  12. I'll try it, what color of tape should i use? do i have to tape the whole upper row?

    Oh yeah on another note, does the camera allow the film to get exposed when there's an err?
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  13. Interestingly, while I took the film canister out of the camera, it doesn't get the err when I shoot randomly (sometimes it appears but after one click the shutter button it's gone but when I have a film on it, it took several shots for the err to disappears)
  14. AFAIK it was conduction not light or dark.
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  15. do you have some examples of what kind are best?
  16. The only time i did it was with black electrical tape. Camera knew nothing of dx after that.
    I covered the whole code area.
    I'd bulk loaded an old casette with different speed film.

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