[Nikon F65D] Detach lens without switching off power...

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by smart_cooleye, Jul 13, 2005.

  1. Hi there,

    I took off the nikkor G-type lens from Nikon F65 without turning off
    the power, and I worried about this a lot. I am not sure whether
    because of paronoia or what, it seems the inner ring of lens always
    slips out when power is off, looks like not properly locked down.

    So is this a problem caused by taking off lens with power on? and if
    it is, then how to fix it?


  2. Did it all the time on my F65, no issues. As long as the lens locks on to the body (And it will be obvious when it locks). there's no way that,power can interfere with the mounting of the lens.
  3. Like Adam says theres nothing wrong with switching lenses while the camera is on.
  4. I think the manual says you're not supposed to do this but I've often done it (like 10000 times ;-) and with no ill effects. But I suppose there is a small chance that some electronic problem is created by doing it.
  5. I've done it a bunch too (though I try not to with a DSLR). A handful of times, I've had some camera/flash 'lock up'. In those instances, I just turn everything off and start over, and usually all is well.

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