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Discussion in 'Nikon' started by alvin_lim|5, May 13, 2009.

  1. I am back doing macro photography and have found myself struggling a bit focusing using the standard Type EC-B. Don't know if it is just me, I seem to be having some problems determining if the shot is really in focus; especially in the centre of the shot.
    Not sure if this is the reason but I am used to focusing on my F3HP and D2Hs. Both the cameras uses the split screen type of focusing screen.
    Now I am considering changing the focusing screen in the F5 and am looking at the Type A focusing screen. I am wondering would it help me in the focusing; or would another type of focusing screen would help more.
  2. Alvin
    It will definitely help to get yourself a split image screen. I did the same on my F5 and F4 only a few months ago to help using the ZF lenses I have started buying and the results I get are clearly better.
  3. Why not let the electronic rangefinder determine focus?
  4. Thanks James!
    Robert, electronic rangefinder? What is that?
  5. The green dot that lights up when you are in focus. The red arrows point which way to turn the lens to get the green dot to light up.
  6. For absolutely the most precise focussing use the Type C screen with 5mm clear spot and crosshairs. The technique is called parallax focussing, where you move your eye laterally (or vertically) and adjust focus until there is no relative motion between the image and crosshairs. Do I use this? I used to, but prefer the EC-E screen with its grids for general photography, including macros.
  7. Hi Robert. Thanks for the explanation. The green dot does help but I do tend to use what I see in the viewfinder more. I think I should force myself to rely on the green dot more. Thanks!
    Hi Alex. I would certainly like to try the screens you mentioned but screens at a reasonable price seems to be getting harder and harder to find! Now, it seems that either the screens are not available or priced really high.

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