Nikon F5 50th Anniversary(Ti)

Discussion in 'Modern Film Cameras' started by ben_hutcherson, Nov 30, 2017.

  1. Out of curiosity, how would you all value a never used, boxed, complete F5 Titanium 50th Anniversary.

    This one would presumably be from the "second run" of 1000 cameras that was sold to US dealers. I don't know if it's even open for negotiation, but I'd at least like to make an offer.

    For reference, the camera for all intents and purposes is new old stock since it was never sold by the store when they received it.
  2. Have you found confirmation anywhere that the camera is indeed made of Titanium - as far as I can remember, it was always only stated titanium-colored?

    In any case, for a never used one from the 2nd batch (different box than the original 2000), $1,000. But you can never ever use it if you want to preserve its (perceived) value.
  3. Vincent Peri

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    I found this from Nikon:

    Nikon | Imaging Products | Debut of Nikon F5

    Scroll down to the 50 Year model. It says nothing about being built out of titanium.

    Hmm... I have a titanium
    banana commemorating
    my 50,000th banana...
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  4. Sandy Vongries

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    Don't know - I collect waaay too many things, but I shy away from thee extremes in favor of clean representative. If it is too rare or too good a deal, watch out. I do have a couple of titanium watches - there the weight really makes a difference. Good luck!
  5. Alll F5 prism's are made of titanium. I heard that the top plate of the anniversary model also made of titanium. I wouldn't buy one as I don't want a camera that I don't want to use and if I use it it doesn't function any better than a regular F5 yet losing its value significantly.
  6. And as far as "collector's item" go, the fact that they are sold at about 1/2 price some 20 years after introduction doesn't bode well for a future value increase.

    Indeed, they are.
  7. Thanks guys-don't know if the store owner will entertain selling at that price.

    There are a couple on Ebay in the $1K range from Japan(and I'd guess likely from the first run) that at least have minimal use and original packaging. That might be a better choice since I could use it every once in a while.

    I love my regular F5, but it's a beast. Considering that I'm not doing anything where I need a stupid high frame rate or fast autofocus on film(that's what digital is for) the F100 suits me better most of the time when I want to use AF-S/G/VR lenses.

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