Nikon F3 with problematic meter\shutter part 2

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by mikeivnitsky, Mar 1, 2007.

  1. Hi!

    I am posting this a second time with extra details.

    I got a nikon F3 which works ok part of the time, doesn't work at all sometimes
    (only the manual speed lever) and works like batteries are low some of the time
    (1/80 and down). I tried changing the batteries(2 1.5 pieces) and it didn't
    help. The turn on\off button shows the red dot so it's on. I used an eraser on
    the battery terminal.

    Any suggestions?I heard this happen before due to a defective circuit board -
    but I expect nikon pro line cameras to be very sturdy so this seems a bit odd.
  2. You might try the eraser on the contact points of the batteries themselves.

    Intermittent problems are sometimes the hardest to find the cause of. I'm still suspicious of the batteries though, even though you said you changed them. Did you buy both sets of batteries from the same source? If so, I would purchase another set of batteries from another source (perhaps another brand as well). If that doesn't work, I'm afraid you may have to turn the camera over to a repair shop.
  3. different to the shop I'm afraid
  4. If the connectors are pitted from the battery or if the battery leaked from a past owner it may need to be cleaned well and the connectors replaced. Parts are still around from independant repairmen.
  5. Have you checked if the self-timer works?If also not, then the main board, or how Nikon calls it, is perhaps damaged.
  6. There is a glass resister plate (awful design) located beneath the hotshoe/rewind/ASA setting mechanism that can be very fragile. I owned an F3 at one time and twice when I had my SB16A mounted I hit the flash hard enough that it cracked the resister plate, rendering the ambient light meter useless. I think the setting on the LCD stayed at 1/80 sec. Flash metering still worked since the camera transmits the ASA setting to the flash via the mechanical cam around the ASA dial. I would have that checked. I would also see if Nikon still makes that part and buy a couple of them if I ever thought about owning another F3. A few years ago I checked and it was a $25 part, but you know they'll stop making it someday if they haven't already. Someday there'll be a lot of F3's with the problem and no way to fix it. Heck, I should buy 3-4 of those parts, hold 'em for a couple of years & then sell them on eBay!

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