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  1. I have a question, is T. Nishiyama a famous photographer?? I saw a Nikon f3/t on a used camera store and it had the name T. Nishiyama engraved on it.
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    A quick Google shows a number of T. Nishiyamas but no photographers I could find. You may want to do a more in depth search. Interesting though - was the name actually engraved or merely scratched onto the surface?
  3. It is actually engraved like if it came out of the factory like that. I wonder if it was a special order from somebody and they just engraved their name on top of it.
  4. I am not sure but Nikon may offer to engrave owner name on the camera.
  5. Google gave me this:
  6. Shoe-repair shops and the like offer cheap engraving
    services. So anyone can have their name engraved on
    their gear for a few dollars. I suspect that
    Nishiyama San was just some guy that didn't
    want to lose their camera easily.
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    Daniel, not sure you are interested in buying that used camera. If so, I would tell that store that you don't like the fact that it has someone else's name engraved on it and request them to discount it by 20%.

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