Nikon F3 shutter curtain scratch and depression, is it OK?

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by yinghui_zhang, May 8, 2015.

  1. Hi, just bought a Nikon F3 off ebay, really love it, but over carefully inspection last night found out the shutter curtain has 2 major depression and one scratch, will the camera be regarded damaged? should I keep the camera or should I return it to the seller? thanks in advance.
  2. If the damage was not described I would return it since it was not as advertised. If that is the case the buyer protection programme should prove helpful.
    If it was described and the seller stated it still works, then the price you paid should have reflected that.
    I cannot see your attached photo, so I cannot comment on the damage itself.
  3. Thanks, Andreas. The damage was not advertised, actually it was described Excellent++ condition.
    Indeed, apart from the shutter damage, the camera is in excellent cosmetic condition, but the seller did not put an image of the damaged part of the shutter on ebay.
    I have upload the image to my flickr account and it will be great if you could have look at it as I am really new to film cameras
  4. That is definitely a damaged shutter and I would send it back. There are too many excellent F3s on the market to accept a bad one. Good luck to you!
  5. Thanks, Paul. I have issued an return and refund request via ebay, and just got response from the seller, will return it to him shortly.
  6. Depending on the price you might consider keeping it for parts and buy another F3. The prism, eyepiece protector and film door can easily be swapped between cameras (although the pressure plate may need adjustment). Other parts, especially the electronics, may be useful in years to come to keep at least one F3 in functional condition. Back when I used Minolta gear for awhile I kept a couple of spare bodies to keep one functioning XG7, and swapped out bits like the resistors, etc. Same with the Olympus OM-2N - kept a couple to keep one running.
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    I think it is a good idea to return this problem back to the rightful owner. That kind of shutter damage should have been disclosed beforehand. Maybe this F3 hadn't been used for quite a while, but that damage is very obvious every time you change film.
  8. Lex: good advise! The price is not cheap as the camera is really in excellent cosmetic condition and quite a few people put bid on it.
    Shun: he is a kind of 'commercial' seller on ebay, I think he acquired the camera from somewhere and then sell it on ebay. He has 100% feedback, which is why I trust him with his description of the camera.
  9. ShunCheung

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    A professional camera trader shouldn't miss this kind of obvious damage.
    Seeing your image, my first reaction was exactly that other than the obviously somewhat damaged shutter, that F3 appears to be in great condition, at least on the side shown in the image. Either someone has accidentally touched that shutter or it developed some mechanical issue such that the shutter blades hit one another and damaged itself.
  10. Send it back - there are plenty of good F3s out there.
  11. I would add that although a little shutter wrinkle on one of those old Nikons often is not fatal, reputable dealers mention it. If you buy even a deeply discounted bargain F from some place like KEH, they will likely mention it.
    I paid all of five dollars for a black bodied Nikon F once with a wrinkle nearly as bad as that one in its shutter. I would not take a high priced F3 that way.
  12. Personally, I understand your concern and dismay. I purchased a Canon P with a wrinkled shutter from KEH. It was described as such. It has worked perfectly. If you are uncomfortable with it then I recommend that you return it.

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