Nikon F3 Serial Number vs Production Code

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by christian_fox, Jul 25, 2020.

  1. This forum entry is for those who take interest in the Nikon F3 serial number vs production code saga.

    I have always wanted to know the last standard F3 serial number produced on the assembly line before top plates with serial numbers were produced for repair replacement needs. Has anyone come across a forum discussion about this topic? Curious to know the most advanced serial number known for a standard F3 model (i.e. not a special titanium or press model).

    I own a Nikon F3 body with an HP viewfinder. The serial number is 20077xx and the production code inside the camera behind the back film cover hinge is 37VN.

    I had expected this serial number to have been produced after the year 2000, but the production code suggests an earlier camera body produced in March 1997. Supposedly, the last serial number block for the standard model F3 production is 200xxxx and the replacement top plates begin at 201xxxx. I doubt very much that Nikon produced a F3 camera as late as March 2007.

    My theory is that this serial number is post production and possibly a replacement top plate. If not, a seller may have removed this top plate from a damaged late serial number body and installed it on a clean older body for a premium sale.

    Your thoughts?
  2. Roland,

    It was your link that led me to become aware of F3 Production Codes. Based on your experience over time, do you have a best guess about my example?

  3. I was aware of the discussion but haven't looked at it in detail. You best bet might be to sign up with NikonGear and PM Ron V who started the thread.

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