Nikon F2 year differences

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by syano, Sep 19, 2002.

  1. I've lost my F2 somewhere and I am going a little crazy. I am about ready to give up and buy a new one and write the other one off as a stupid

    Anyway, my question. My F2 was a '71, and the few I've seen are ranging from about '74 to the early eighties. Did these cameras improve or, as is
    often the case, did they start using cheaper materials or skimp in other ways? I guess I want to know whether there is any advantage to buying
    older cameras over newer ones or vice versa.

    It's a real bummer losing a camera from the first year, but the winding arm didn't stay out for exposure, and the collar around the shutter release
    was stuck so maybe I won't end up losing too much (except that lens, of course) by replacing it over fixing it--he tells himself over and over
  2. I have read a quote from famous N.Y. repairman Marty Forscher ( the
    go-to guy for most of the Life photographers) to the effect that Nikon
    worked some bugs out of early production F2s, so maybe things got
    better instead of worse - that is certainly true of the meter-finders:
    the final F2AS was much the best IMHO..........................

    --david kelly.........

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