Nikon F2 Shutter Problems

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  1. Hi all!
    I pulled out my backup F2 for the fireworks on the 4th of July and came across an issue that I have not had before. When I set my Shutter speed to 1, 1/2, or 1/4 the curtain opens and the mirror lifts but then it stops. When I try to advance the mirror will not lower and I have to reset it by hand. The Shutter works perfectly at all other settings including Bulb. Any advice would be much appreciated. I know I can just avoid these shutter speeds but if I could fix them I would love to get these beauty back in full working order.
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    I have film in my F2, or I'd try - is it possible you engaged the mirror lock?
  3. The slow speed escapement which is located directly below the mirrorbox 'floor', needs to be solvent washed.
    If its a 'beater' or aka. in bargain condition, then squirt (not too much, use common sense) some Naphtha (Lighter fluid) right in a gap visible once the baseplate and tripod socket assembly have been removed.

    TechTip - Nikon applied Loctite to virtually every fastener in their Pro cameras.
    MD coupling screw & the tripod assembly screws will be easier to remove if heat is first applied.

    Finally, if it has sentimental value or if it's in excellent-plus condition, then it's screaming at you to be 'torn-down' & properly serviced.
    Try Sover Wong in the UK - I also service them, but am currently too booked up to take-in anymore equipment.

    The bottom of the escapement plate & it's clockwork mechanism is at the end of the arrows...
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  4. Thanks for the info! I easily removed the 4 screws but the plate is still held in place by the autowinder coupling point, any advice on how to remove this without a spinner tool?
  5. Thanks Gus.
    Camera P O R N is always fun. I save pdfs of posts like yours.
  6. Just wondering if you got past that roadblock. I may need to do the same thing with my F2. It's always worked flawlessly, but 2 days after the last time I exercised it, it decided to do the same thing you described.
  7. I realize that this reply is quite slow but I finally got this problem resolved. I tried the suggestion to remove the bottom plate and tripod socket and put a little lighter fluid in the hole for the escapement. This did not end up working for me. I didn’t want to apply too much lighter fluid but tried twice to loosen up with this method to no avail. However I found a disassembly guide by searching for Nikon F2 repair and tackled this the hard way. Removed the top plate with the winding lever, shutter button and shutter speed dial, then removed the front of the body with the mirror box assembly attached. After doing this I had complete access to the escapement and used about 5 drops of lighter fluid in strategic places while triggering different gears with a pick. And it worked!!!! My F2 is back in action with all shutter speeds working!

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