Nikon F2 Shutter Problems

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  1. Hi all!
    I pulled out my backup F2 for the fireworks on the 4th of July and came across an issue that I have not had before. When I set my Shutter speed to 1, 1/2, or 1/4 the curtain opens and the mirror lifts but then it stops. When I try to advance the mirror will not lower and I have to reset it by hand. The Shutter works perfectly at all other settings including Bulb. Any advice would be much appreciated. I know I can just avoid these shutter speeds but if I could fix them I would love to get these beauty back in full working order.
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    I have film in my F2, or I'd try - is it possible you engaged the mirror lock?
  3. The slow speed escapement which is located directly below the mirrorbox 'floor', needs to be solvent washed.
    If its a 'beater' or aka. in bargain condition, then squirt (not too much, use common sense) some Naphtha (Lighter fluid) right in a gap visible once the baseplate and tripod socket assembly have been removed.

    TechTip - Nikon applied Loctite to virtually every fastener in their Pro cameras.
    MD coupling screw & the tripod assembly screws will be easier to remove if heat is first applied.

    Finally, if it has sentimental value or if it's in excellent-plus condition, then it's screaming at you to be 'torn-down' & properly serviced.
    Try Sover Wong in the UK - I also service them, but am currently too booked up to take-in anymore equipment.

    The bottom of the escapement plate & it's clockwork mechanism is at the end of the arrows...
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  4. Thanks for the info! I easily removed the 4 screws but the plate is still held in place by the autowinder coupling point, any advice on how to remove this without a spinner tool?
  5. Thanks Gus.
    Camera P O R N is always fun. I save pdfs of posts like yours.
  6. Just wondering if you got past that roadblock. I may need to do the same thing with my F2. It's always worked flawlessly, but 2 days after the last time I exercised it, it decided to do the same thing you described.

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