nikon f100 good for sports?

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  1. would like to pick uo a nikon 35mm film camera and the F100 is available obeebay etcx for very reasonable does it do tracking moving subjects as i would like to use it for shooting hockey from time to time along with using it as a landscape and portrait camera?
  2. The F100 is a little slower to focus an old-style mechanical AF lens than an F5 or one of the Dx cameras, but is the same with an AF-S lens. The focusing brackets are illuminated in red, making them easier to use than the gray brackets of an F5. You are limited to about 6 fps in continuous shooting, compared to 8 fps for an F5. That's only important if you want to blow an entire roll of film in 6 seconds or less.
    It is as good as any 35mm camera for landscapes and portraits, given the appropriate lens. It is solid with a metal frame, yet relatively light and compact. All in all, the F100 is one of Nikon's historical gems.
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    IMO the main issue is not the F100 per se; rather, it is the film and processing cost for shooting sports. Additionally, if you are talking about indoor hockey, film's low-light performance is another concern.
  4. i have used the F100 in my film days for some college basketball and warriors games (not professionally) with good results. but as shun pointed out that can be very expensive, even for fun. you will probably get one good shot out of ten or more. that's a ton of rolls of film.
    but hey, if you'll be happy, go for it. that's what hobbies are for. have fun.
  5. I've used the F100 with very good results to photograph dogs running around a dog park. It's definitely fast enough. However, as others have pointed out, you will burn through film very quickly. On the other hand, lower end dDSRs might not be fast enough to keep up, but at least you'll get a few shots with no extra expense.
  6. The F100 is a great landscape camera. It will work wonderfully for portraits, too, if you have a good lighting setup. For sports, I prefer digital capture so I can take hundreds or even thousands of images at an event and keep only the very best ones. Also, digital capture has a low-light/high ISO advantage over film.
  7. I agree with the others. If you are a film shooter then the F100 will not dissappoint. It is a fantastic camera. I know that the F5 is supposed to focus faster with screw-drive AF lenses because of its more powerful motor but in practice the difference is not that noticable and probably not worth the extra money for most people. That said, often sports photographers will focus manually using a pre-focus technique. You focus on a spot where you anticipate the subject to pass through and trip the shutter when the subject is sharp. This has the added benefit of compositionally freeing you from the restraints of using one of the F100's 5 AF sensors.
  8. The F100 works great for sports. You just can't blast away the way some folks do with digital. Try some B&W film - it's inexpensive and easy to process yourself.
  9. I don't think it's really fair to compare the F100 with the F5, as the price point is very different. You should be able to get a F100 for around $190, but the F5 will be closer to $360 I think.
    Since the F5 is double the cost, it's like asking which will get you to the grocery store faster? A Mustang or a Corvette? The Corvette is a faster car, and double the money, but you will be limited by other things like traffic and red lights.
    The F100 is excellent, and you could get 2 for the cost of the F5. If that makes no difference, then go for the best and get the F5. We could mention the F6, of course, but forget about it for price. You do have to consider if you want to be able to shoot all 36 frames in 6 seconds, or 4.5?
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    If I were shooting sports I would want a DSLR. For landscape and portraits (if you want to do film) I would use medium or large format. I've never owned an F100, But I'd like to for occasional use!

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