nikon F prism on a Nikon F2 body?

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by ludo_no_l, Mar 12, 2011.

  1. Hello,
    I've a few Nikon body's (nikkormat & nikkormat EL, F2a, FM3a)
    There is a Nikon F prism (non-metering) that I like to buy, because the DE1 prism for the F2 is not to find (or to
    But my question is if this Nikon F prism fits on a Nikon F2 body? I thought I've read that somewhere, but I'm not sure.
    Is there anyone that can solve my problem?
    Tx for the answer,
  2. Yes; they will. You can also put F2 finders on the F's if you remove the Nikon logo. But parts like diopters and RA attachments probably are not the same. The reason you're probably not getting much response is because those of us old enough to have shot with them, can't remember.<g>
  3. I was just thinking that I should have mentioned, while I was at it, that the screens are interchangeable as well.
  4. As Michael said, they'll fit just fine - my rather tatty F2 body wears an equally tatty DE finder. It usually rides upside-down attached by the tripod socket to a bandolier-type strap, and (touch wood) the finder has yet to show the slightest inclination to come adrift.
    You may also wish to contact Sover Wong, who not only specialises in servicing F2s but also offers (amongst other things) DE-1 finders for sale.
  5. Bless the 'F' ... and their prisms ... and their screens.
  6. Thanks Michael and Jean-Yves.
  7. If you are getting the later round eyepiece F prism, the diopters and other eyepiece accessories should interchange with those for the Photomic F's, the F2 and the non-HP F3.
  8. To clarify Michael Axel's response:
    The Nikon logo (name plate) must be removed from the finder, not the camera. The finder nameplate attaching screws are visible and accessable from each side inside the finder when it is viewed inverted from the rear (eye piece side).
  9. John, I'm trying to think of a case where the Nikon name plate would be on the body though.
  10. In order to use an F2 finder on an F body, you must first remove the name plate from the F camera body.
    However, an F eye level finder will fit onto an F2 body without any modification. The F2's name plate is part of the finder, not the body as with the F.
    An F metered prism cannot be used on an F2 body, since the F2's battery is aboard the camera, not the finder. There are technicians that will modify F2 finders, so they can be used on battery-less, F bodies.
  11. Ohh, that's right. I was thinking it was on the finder itself. Thanks for clarify, Steve.
  12. Steve, as I said above, the nameplate on a F2 finder needs to be removed to attach it to a F camera. Removing the F camera nameplate will not allow sufficient clearance for the overhanging F2 finder nameplate.
    I have previously carried out extensive testing with a F camera and the DW-2 finder to find out which combination will fit.

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