Nikon F mount adapter to Sony Alpha ILCE-6400 E mount

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  1. Dear fellows, are Nikon F and AF mounts geometrical identical? This question follows from the fact that my Fotasy Nikon F adapter to Sony E cannot fit to Nikon AF lens. Please respond.
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  3. As far as I know, the AF lens should mount too, it just won't autofocus with most of the available adapters. I don't have a Sony E camera myself, but a relative from overseas who has both Nikon and Sony recently told me that there are adapters that will support autofocus (Commlite, Fotodiox Fusion).
  4. F is the name of the Nikon lens mount, whereas AF stands for auto focus. Nikon AF lenses are F mount too. Nikon mount has remained almost unchanged from the 70s, unlike Canon’s.

    I have a F to E adapter and my Nikon AF lenses fit fine. It needs a bit trying though, by rotating at different angles before it clicks into place. Perhaps you need a bit of patience.
  5. Thanks a lot for your response. You are right. I sent this adapter back to seller, came to B&H, bought another brand, and figured out that working in manual focus on electronic viewfinder not very easy.

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