Nikon F lens to Canon EF body, Kipon adaptor - stuck!

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by neil_grant, Jan 20, 2021.

  1. ..I cannot release the adaptor from the lens. The adaptor is fitted correctly to a G-series lens and the aperture control links up correctly with the iris mechanism in the lens. Has anyone tried one of these and can suggest where I'm going wrong?

    thanks if you can help.
  2. From their text..

    They are easy to set up and attach, just pop it on your camera body and attach the lens as usual.

    So you're not supposed to is the answer! You fix the adapter to the body THEN attach the lens, and do the reverse I guess to remove it?

    Maybe put the assembled thing back on the camera and use the release button to separate the components?
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  3. OP, where are you?
  4. Did it work?

    Anyone else finding this thread will feel pretty disappointed if it ends here.....:(
  5. ...happy ending. The kipon mount has an 'internal', bright-chromed, release tab, not an external one like you might find on an extension tube. It's close to the lens's electrical contacts. The tab needs to depressed towards the front of the lens until a neighbouring chrome pin 'pops' up. Then the mount can be twisted off. Never seen a mechanism like it before.
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  6. Soo your "problem" is is in reality a " Special Feature" of the Kipon then.. ;)
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  7. No. It's common to most Nikon lens to Canon body adapters.

    The difference in register is so slim that there's no room for a proper button or lever. The small release 'clip' has to be hidden under the attached lens.

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