Nikon F, F2 Cases Interchangeable?

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  1. I am familiar with the site linked below, but I am still unclear about any interchangeability among the Nikon F and F2 cases. The site linked here does nothing to help me resolve this question. Other research choices scantly available seem to give the idea that they are indeed interchangeable. I'd appreciate any knowledgeable input on this question. Thank you.

    Nikon F and F2 Camera Cases
  2. The Nikon made ER cases can degrade quite badly. I think you'll be lucky to find an F case that's in useable condition.

    My F2s live in padded fabric cases. Much more durable and practical, as well as camera non-specific.
  3. I have a Nikon F and a F2. The Nikon leather cases are NOT interchangeable. There are a lot of cases for sale on Ebay.
  4. As nice as genuine leather cases look, I personally wouldn't have them anywhere near optical equipment.

    It's my firm belief that lenses stored in leather are much more prone to developing fungus infestation.

    I only have empirical and anecdotal evidence for this, but my own experience of finding a number of lenses and a pair of binoculars riddled with fungus after being stored in leather cases is enough for me. The lenses were thoroughly cleaned and moved to synthetic cases with no further fungal infection.

    But as I said, Nikon's black synthetic cases tend to deteriorate quite badly over time. They appear to be made of vinyl covered cardboard, or something very similar.
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    Yes, my FB 5 was one with synthetic that deteriorated -- also the best case for Nikons up to F 2 that I have ever used -- unfortunately the F 3 and on won't fit. . I re-covered mine in black goatskin, and replaced the straps with web used for mountain climbing. These cases are very strong - I actually have stood on mine a time or two for a critical shot (I wouldn't suggest it) my avg weight around180.
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  6. I never store my camera away in any case. When I travel I use a canvas backpack. I sometimes went out with my F3 in its "Neverready" case just for the look but I take it out of the case when I get home.
    Also that everready case is the only case I ever bought. The backpack came with some used cameras I bought.
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    Sorry, wouldn't give a photo backpack houseroom - they are just too slow. As to storage - a couple cameras on my desk, the rest in a cabinet - some loose on shelves, some in cases of various kinds. Actually - error in the previous post - shown is my FB 8. I haven't gotten around to restoring the FB 5. both the FB 5 and FB 8 are among the fastest working cases I have encountered. My FB 11 will hold a lot, but is only good for the car, since like a backpack, you have to put it down somewhere. All of my shoulder bags can be worked off the shoulder, and quickly for lens or camera changes. Different strokes...
  8. Oh I never carry the back pack while shooting. I carry the camera on my neck and the extra lenses in my pocket. The backpack is only for while travelling like on the plane and from and to airport and hotel.
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  9. "I re-covered mine in black goatskin, and replaced the straps with web used for mountain climbing."

    - Wow Sandy! That is dedication to the cause. Kudos to you man.
  10. I only use the lower part of the Nikon cases on my cameras. It protects the body from dings and dents. I do not use the upper part that covers the lens. The upper part is always in the way when you want to use the camera. That is why they were called "never ready" cases.
  11. I don't like cases either. But this is a very nice F and my preferred actual user 35. My inquiry as to cases was only to transport them. Once they're in my car and safe from being banged accidentally on various structures getting there, the top half gets ditched. I'm not even thrilled with going "bottom half" any more than necessary. But I've discovered if I keep my outfit in my bag or aluminum suitcase, I never actually use them at all. At that point they are "packed", so to speak. I like it handy. I only want to give it ordinary prudent protection. Beyond that I'm not going to treat it like fine antique china. But face it--the most likely place to bang it up is on the doorjamb of the car in the first place. Bu once I get out of the car and into the cornfield to shoot, that case gets ditched.
  12. I had the FB8 to start with. Plastic went south, but Nikon replaced it once. Much later I replaced it with the FB5 covered in leather, which I still use.
    Still my favorite case(s) for F and F2 and Nikkormat (FTn and EL) bodies and lenses.

    Old and new FB cases
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    I have a small fishing bag - deep discount Cabelas - that works perfectly for my GXR kit, You do have to add some padding, at least to the bottom.
  14. Another question on Nikon F soft ever ready case. It does not seem to balance correctly when carried on the shoulder, flips backwards. A little better when carried around the neck as the stomach supports it a little. Am I missing something, or is this the way they usually fit. The strap lugs on the case seem too far forward, causing the off balance. When a strap is connected to the body lugs it balances ok. I prefer to use the half case as it gives extra grip, but this balance issue is a pain. Any help greatly appreciated.

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