Nikon F-5 film advance woes

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by gary phillips, Sep 19, 2002.

  1. Quite often my F-5 will indicate that the film is at the "end" when
    in fact I'm only a few shots into a new roll. This happens quite
    frequently and is especially annoying when I need to shoot multiple
    frames quickly. Usually I can cycle the on/off switch and it'll go
    away, but obviously that's not always an option. BTW, I have the MF-
    28 multi-control back. Help!
  2. Follow up: How does the camera "know" when a roll of film is finished & could low batteries be the culprit? Thanks again.
  3. It's definitely not normal. Take your F5 to Nikon's service; I don't see how anyone on the net could fix your problem.
    You could also try to replace the batteries as low batteries seem to cause problems in many Nikons, but I guess you have already tried it.
  4. Gary, I have experienced the same problem with my F5. Installing fresh batteries clears up the situation.
  5. How does the camera "know" when a roll of film is finished & could low batteries be the culprit?
    Yup. When the F5 senses it doesn't have the 'umph' (battery power) to wind on, it can signal 'end of roll'. Are you using alkalines? It used to be 'conventional wisdom' that the F5 didn't much care for alkalines, it's much happier with either Lithiums or Nikon's rechargable battery pack. Haven't seen that line of thought much lately, but I suppose it's still true.
  6. I think the F5 was originally designed to be used with lithiums or the rechargeable battery, and it would just barely work with alkalines. However, most people still seem to use it with alkalines and the one that I have (bought Dec. 2001) works just fine with them, quite many rolls too. Maybe they modified the voltage threshold or something else in the way it uses power?
  7. I use nothing but lithiums. By using the power saving features, manual rewind and three second shut down, I can shoot as many as seventy-five or more rolls on one set of liths...

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