Nikon F-36 cordless Battery pack

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  1. I have a Nikon F Camera with F-36 Motor drive I have been using the Cord type Battery pack that uses 8 C cells the cordless Battery is only available if you buy a complete Camera with motor drive and cordless battery pack included for outrageous prices is there any other Nikon F Cordless model that will work with the F-36 motor drive or OEM
  2. There was a third-party battery back for the F36—the REMOPAK—which was actually introduced before the genuine Nikon cordless battery pack. More information here. I don't know that you're any more likely to find one of these for sale without the F36 though.
    There more practical paths to a motor driven film Nikon, such as an F2 with an MD-1 + MB-1 or some of the later non-pro level cameras, but if you really love the F + F36 combo (which I do), it might be a good idea to go ahead and spring for a second F36 with the cordless battery back. If nothing else, you'll then have a backup F36 in case the first one quits working, which they sometimes do. Of course, each F + F36 combo has to be individually calibrated by a qualified technician so that will be an additional expense if you switch motors.
  3. I still have one Nikon F +F36 w/ cordless battery pack. What a beastly, sturdy thing it is. Mine has seen a lot of action, has plenty of missing paint, etc. and still works well. I would steer Anthea towards an FM2n and MD-12, but realize that's not what she asked.
  4. I've used the F36 motor drive on three different F bodies, never had them calibrated and all three performed flawlessly. Maybe I was lucky. It now resides permanently on my '67 serial numbered model with standard prism and 50mm f2 H model. I settled on this body as it had no issues and nice patina and cosmetics. I have found and fixed a small erratic connection. The plug that connects the battery pack loosens over the years. A tiny plastic washer that I cut and punched keeps the plug/jack connection tight and solved the misfire.
  5. I haven't checked, but are you sure you can't get just the motor drive and cordless pack? 'Back When' , they were sold seperately ... without having to buy the camera. My multiple copies also were never calibrated to the bodies, and all worked flawlessly.
  6. I bought my Nikon FTN/F36/50mm 1.4 Nikkor S combo at a pawn shop in 1974 (350 bucks then), and it had the Powercon cordless pack on it. I took it off and bought the factory Nikon cordless pack which resides on it to this day. I've had the Powercon in a desk drawer since then. I was tempted many times over the years to toss it, but then I saw one sell on the bay about ten years ago sell for five hundred bucks! One day I'll dump it.
    A weak point with the F36 is the connection with the back, and the extra weight of a cordless pack can stress the rivets, so I always run my AN4B straps through a little key ring attached to the strap lug on the body and then attach the strap to the lug on the cordless pack so the camera back doesn't bear the weight of the battery pack.

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