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Discussion in 'Nikon' started by darko|1, Jun 19, 2007.

  1. Just got this little camera, it is very nice and I love it, but there is
    a "strange way" to take a picture.You must first meter the scene (aperture
    priority) and then when you wind the film, camera remembers exposure and takes
    the picture, if you meter one scene and wind the film and then point to the
    other scene or change the aperture after winding camera will not change
    shutter speed or adjust it correct or my camera needs some
    adjustment... thanx

  2. That can't be right surely. User guide here:
  3. I've owned half a dozen of these, your's is broken.
  4. Mine has never behaved like that. Great little camera, though! They called it "the Nikon for women" when they first introduced it, but I think it's just a great little Nikon regardless of the gender of the photographer. : )
  5. Despite the exposure compensation button being stuck on mine, it's a nice compact body holding my sharp 50 1.4.
  6. Thanx to all, I felt in love with EM and I am very sorry for this..however it works in manual M90 mode...:))..

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