Nikon earnings drop 71%

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  1. The Sky is Falling.

    I really hate when people read so much stuff into ONE quarter of financial reports, and only look at the superficial numbers, without reading the notes and understanding how the accounting works. This is the problem of the unsophisticated investor. They don't really understand what they are reading, then they make a buy/sell decision based on flawed knowledge.

    You have to look at the entire consumer photo industry, over a multi-YEAR period. And further evaluate the industry trends and projections.
    Then look at Nikon, Canon and Sony's consumer photo division over the same multi-YEAR period. And any future projections.
    What you will never know is the internal strategy of the companies.​
    Then evaluate if there is synergy between divisions.
    Example, is the R&D of the consumer photo division helping the industrial or medical divisions?​
    Then you have to understand how R&D and new product introduction affects the financials.
    And a LOT more.
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    So the total 'intake' of monies for Nikon has only decreased by 15%, BFD. Let's attribute that to smartphones and little P&S gizmos. Plus the give and take between manufacturers. Revenue is an external factor. The more notable thing concerns the internal change to a projected 71% drop in earnings. This is the remaining money, after COGS and presumably EBITDA. But there is no info declaring just how this number was pulled out of someone's statistical arse. Sounds like more of a management issue than a market one...

    The honest truth is that there is not a lot of need for that either. More status than function... :rolleyes:

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