Nikon DP-2 Service manual?

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  1. Hello. Does anybody have the service/repair manual for the Nikon DP-2 finder as used on the Nikon F2S camera? Thank you.
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  3. Thank you. No repair manual there on this.
  4. repost. Still looking for Nikon DP-2 repair manual. Thank you
  5. I've never seen the DP2 service manual posted anywhere other than that Italian trading website, which has listed it as "sold" every time I've looked. It may be worth trying to contact the seller to see if he has any more, given it was advertised as a photocopy of the original 33 page repair manual for 5 euro.

    Be aware that Nikon revised the DP2 guts something like 17 times in four years, because they were getting killed with warranty repair claims. They issued supplementary service bulletins to cover each revision, which may or may not be included with any baseline DP2 service manual you can find.

    It is also worth considering that the DP2 contains first-generation, near 50 year old prehistoric camera electronics. Early Nikon meter prisms are notorious for circuit boards that crumble upon removal from their housing, and cold solder joints that can be nightmare difficult to fix. There's a reason Sover Wong charges a small fortune to repair the DP2 and offer a proper warranty: its a very dicey proposition to open one up.

    If you acquired this DP2 for little or no money and have nothing to lose tearing it apart, maybe its worth the effort. But if its your primary camera, think about having Sover repair it properly. Better yet, invest the money in a newer more reliable DP3 (SB) or DP12 (AS) prism with updated electronics, low drain LEDs, and indestructible silicon blue metering cells. The DP2 was Nikon's longest-running prototype, masquerading as a finished product.
  6. Actually I've gotten this DP2 working, but I need to adjust the potentiometers and there's a total of 6 of them. I hate the idea of experimenting with that. If it was 2 or 3 or even 4 I would. But not 6. Thank you.
  7. Well I guess the saga is over. I did fiddle with all those pots one at a time. Only 1 had any effect, which was to shut off the LED's. The finder works basically and is quite accurate; at least from bright sunshine down to EV3 at ASA 200. Below that, the accuracy goes to heck. So I guess one or both CdS cells has lost tolerance. I don't see any point in doing anything but buttoning up the project and calling it done. No use throwing good money after bad. It's in terrible shape, and some mighty inept repair work has obviously been done in it before I got it.

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